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Aftermath - 2

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 9 2013 06:00AM

You are almost one year into this new world since the 2012 end of time as it was termed. Most of your world now believes that things will continue as usual with little change, and indeed they might is there were no changes to alter things. But great changes are even now underway. We are not of the intent to cause you fear but rather to inform you and suggest ways to aid you in your evolution to more caring, loving beings. Within the next 25 years or so, your human population of the world will double! It is not just from births, but improvements in health care and lack of wars will contribute to the greater numbers. There are third world countries as you call them, that will see new wealth and greater opportunity and with that will come higher birth rates. Already you have difficulty in feeding the numbers without drastically altering the natural environment as it has been for thousands of years. You have cut down your forest to grow more annual food crops, your industrial revolution of barely 200 years, has polluted and warmed the air and waters and thereby effecting your climate. We suggest that your modern progress has given you a false sense of security, an altered reality that is man made and not at all aligned with the true nature of this planet as is necessary. Most believe that if it is a change that is of benefit in the short term, then it is surely worthwhile. They give little thought to long-term consequence of their actions. This space ship Earth is a limited and delicately balanced environment. Care and foresight is necessary or you may find that you have done irreparable damage to it and your future. By the year 2050 things will have either improve or become more dire. How then can you help, what can any one person or group of persons do? We suggest - learn to grow your own foods, convert to solar electric for your home and automobile, help your neighbors, share your foods, treat them as you would your family, be thankful you have the resources and the ability to share. For if you do not do these things with a joyous heart, you may find that you have nothing at all if the Earthly environment fails from human abuse! We see the potential of your food supply failing to support all, and thereby raising prices beyond what many can afford. We see possible bank failures, governments collapsing, and revolutions. We see probable great unemployment, people living in fear and hunger, and lawlessness. We see restricted and limited oil, gas, and electrical supplies for your homes and automobiles. You are the key, but you have to start now! So, how do you see yourself? Are you to be one who is a helper, a teacher, a mentor, or will you choose to be of the ones who stick their head in the sand believing it is safe if the problems are ignored? We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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