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Aftermath - 2012

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 6 2013 05:18AM

So you survived the end time of 2012, now what? You look around and everything seems the same as before. Everyone says it is supposed to be a changing world, a new world, and yet you see nothing? Where is the changing of humanity, where is the evolving societies, where is this utopia of tomorrow? Surprise! It does not happen outside of you. It, dear ones, is an inner experience, your experience! It is you changing, you creating an evolving new you! So, if your looking outside, you will not see even if is fully displayed before you. It is all about your perception, your ability to see. If you have not had an experience, or imagined it, it may be difficult to identify with it. Now, what we have to tell you is that you are not here to change the world or even one more person other than yourself! You change, and the whole of the world changes with you. Again, it is all about perception, your changing awareness! This new world happens only for those who create it, those who be it!

There is a key to getting there, one infallible method. You have heard it many times before but few have understood its power or its ability to change the whole awareness of who and what you are.

L O V E, it is a most powerful, intense emotion when used and properly understood and experienced. It is as love you have felt with some very special person at sometime in your life. Remember how it felt, the world was perfect, everything was beautiful, everyone was happy. And you, you were on top of the world! We tell you, it was not the other who had the magic, but you! You chose the experience, you became love, and you created the experience! The challenge now is to recreate this, to be this all the time, to look again through the magic eyes of love! If you are love, you see no wrong, you truly love everyone, you judge no one or try to control no other. You are happy, content, and in love with life itself. This is the change, the beginning of a new world, and it is contagious! It begins with one person, you. You are the light of a potentially, grand tomorrow. It shall shine all about you, as you become your true self. This is the truth that all evolving beings that have come before now, have spoken of. But you are the special one who is here in this time and space. You hold the potential of now. Change to continuous love, always love, and hold to this love energy and you shall evolve more than you have in all your lifetime that has come before now! So now you know the rest of your story and why you are here! We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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