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Awaken (Awake) Meditation

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 21 2014 07:28AM

If you meditate regularly then you most probably will have enjoyed the feelings of peace, calmness, and bliss. Meditation can give a sense of permanence, of belonging, of owning your own space. When you have reached this awareness you are beginning to observe yourself in your meditative state. This observing produces an awakening, an awareness of completeness, and evolves you to a higher state of being. But what happens when you return to the “real world”? Does that same sense of ecstasy and peace still exist when you are back in your world of dramas and have to does? Do the routines and challenges allow you to see the gifts and perfection that each moment is providing for you? What if you could be in that meditative state all the time instead of an hour or so? What if in your every moment, you could be the observer of you and see clearly all the creations and challenges you have created to challenge your evolvement in this lifetime? This we suggest is not only possible but is easily within your reach. It is called “Awake Meditation”. It is observing how you are feeling emotionally with each experience all the time and having the ability to change how you are feeling about those. It is the owning and honoring them as your own creations for your own understanding, your growth, and evolvement. This is the stepping back and observing lovingly every moment that all the evolved being have gone through. It is indeed, a way of life, of being, that those such as Jesus, Buda, and all others have chosen, to transcend this unawaken state that exist for most upon this physical plane. All your Soul’s intent and purposes are revealed to you from past experiences to present and even into your future. It is a total connection with your higher self that is far and above what you may experience in only a one hour meditation each day. So you may ask, how do I meditate with my eyes wide open and all the confusion going on all around? Isn’t sitting quietly with eyes shut a requirement for reaching this altered state of awareness that I’ve been told is meditation? We tell you, it is in the observing of self that promotes this most elevated altered state of being. It is in lovingly honoring yourself. It is getting to know who and what you are, and what your heritage is. When you awake in the morning observe how you have chosen to be. Look into your mirror and observe yourself in the reflection. Chose to smile and be appreciative. Now all the day long, chose to be the observer as if looking lovingly into the mirror. Try not to be pulled into the dramas and take no things personal. Be in the world but not of it. Then occasionally ask yourself, Am I there? Are you awaken or are you still lost within the illusions of your created dramas? We are Alexander

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