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Been To Hell & Back?

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 23 2013 06:26PM

"I've been to hell and back!" You've heard this before and perhaps even used this statement, Yes? May we suggest that if this is ever an issue, then you may have an unreasonable need to control someone or something. To attempt to control is to agree that it is out of control, and thus an illusion. All things that happen in one's life are their creations and to deny them is deny your state of mind and emotions as the creation source. They are brought forth; they are as mirrors, so you may see yourself more clearly. We tell you, Hell is not a physical place, not a burning inferno, nor a tourture chamber. Hell is rather a state of mind, a choice you have made believing the experience you are having is not you, not a mirroring of your inner being. If you wish to change it then why would you not simple give up this need to control and change how you feel about it? Heaven or Hell is a choosing of how you are to act or react to your outer world's expression. Observe what you are creating, love an honor the experience of potential learning and growth, and then release the need to control it or judge it as defective. Each and everyone who incarnates upon this material plane has evolving as their primary directive. It is not because of some restrictive religious doctrine or social decree, but rather an inherit part of your connection with the "God Center" or if you prefer - your connection with the "Oneness Of All Things". Now, we have suggested to you that most of your difficulties and challenges are related to past lives. Acknowledging and accepting them as being experiences you have brought into this lifetime with the belief that you could heal their effects upon you. You may not remember the actual physical experiences but you still carry the emotional scares of the dramas. These emotions will reappear when you have similar experiences in your current life. Let Love be your healer, acceptance be the teacher, allowance and releasing then will complete the healing! So, if you have been through Hell, choose Love and Gratitude and be welcomed back to your neutral place of peace and contentment. This then, may be your first step to creating your Heaven on Earth! We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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