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Beyond Competition

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 23 2013 05:09AM

Tis’ the season to be jolly! Tis’ the season for peace, calm, and the sharing of love. This that is the Christmas/New Year holiday is celebrated by much of the world. Thoughts of love, peace, and friendship, are much more than mere empty well wishes. They are thoughts and intentions that become energies of their own right. They go out and manifest into your physical world once you have thought them into being. They take on a “life” of their own. So this that is put forth as love and peace become as an overlaying awareness to all humanity! Now, if you have been caught up in the commercialization and completion of having to buy gifts for friends and family and don’t feel “joyful” in the process, then recognize you may not be in the energy, in the “spirit of the season”. It is not about the gift, how much it cost you, or even if it is “right” for the intended person. It is more so, the giving with love, giving of one’s self, giving without expecting anything in return! Can you accept a gift as a thought of loving intent only, without the need to judge it adequate to what you have given or done? This is NOT a completion, dear ones. It is NOT about who wins, who is the most generous, or who has the most “toys”. This is the season to regain a sense of peace, to feel your own self love, to love and feel loved by others. It is a time to find an inner calmness with love and enjoyment even as you hurriedly do your shopping and prepare for the holidays.

In this season of love and peace, we wish to offer you new insights into those things and attitudes that may be holding you back, preventing you from finding your own true happiness, slowing your evolvement. Life is to be experienced, to be enjoyed by all, to feel good about you! It is NOT a completion! It is NOT about winning or losing, or comparing yourself to others. It is a game we call evolving, that you call life. It is about creating your own experiences that you love, that you enjoy, that does not impinge upon the comforts and rights of others. If you are seeing this as a game of competition, may we suggest, you are not seeing your true self as one with all people and things, and you may also be wishing to control situations and others? This is the birthplace of greed and turmoil, selfishness and judgments by trying to control others. But it will never fulfill you, as there will always be another higher mountain to climb, more oceans to swim, more control to attempt. It becomes an obsession, a way of being, an ill conceived idea of reality, a road block to spiritual maturity. Many feel their world is all about competition. They feel they have no choice but to compete for jobs, for relationships, for schooling, for sports, for everything. But this is an attitude, a choice, even though you may be unaware. It is what your western society teaches. Yet we must tell you, there is nothing that says it has to be competitive! Why not enjoy it because it is enjoyable, pleasurable to you regardless of the scores or winning or losing? Winning or losing becomes a judgment of your worthiness and is filled with frustration even should you win! There is a very fine line between playing for your pleasure and playing to be competitive! See the games as for your benefit, your enjoyment, and at the same time, as for everyone’s pleasure also! The question we now pose is, can you play the games of life so they can be a joy for everyone?

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