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Creating Loving Energy

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 22 2014 06:32AM

Have you ever been in a room and have someone with exceptional energy entry the room? It could be a child, a young adult, a beautiful person, or just a happy person. Perhaps it is someone with a positive attitude or one with a loving presence. Maybe it is someone you know and care deeply about. All will have had these experiences at one time or another. So what make them so special or so exceptional? Why pay attention to these occurrences? Might we suggest it is about you and your own awareness, how you perceive what is happening, and how it effects you. It is because in that one moment in time and in that space, you may have been really awake, being highly alive, and truly aware of caring about others. You may have allowed your energies, your oneness, and your connections with all things, to reach out and expand beyond your normal routine awareness. In that special moment you have experience what is like to be an evolving being. You have strongly connected with your higher self, your greater consciousness. Unfortunately, most will loose that awareness believing it is outside themself. Now what if you could hold on to that feeling, that heighten awareness? What would your world, your reality, be like? What kind of person would you be? Indeed, how would you effect other people? Do you recognize this as loving energy, loving everyone and everything? Would you see the world and everything within it as in perfect evolvement, as life without any judgments?

Could this be the first step in evolving to a higher plane of awareness? Is this what we are all destined for? Imagine a world were everyone made such impressions, not occasionally, but always. Imagine it to have no religious requirements, with no recognition or honors needed, without conflicts. What if all were here to love and appreciate each and every moment of life, to see each day as a beautiful gift?

Now, is it so difficult to be always happy, to have a smile on your beautiful face? Can you see the joy and humor in life? Then dear one, you are there! It is not so much what you do, but how you feel about it! Love always takes care of itself, while dramas and judgments create their own unwanted personal experiences. Smile when clouds appear, laugh when conflicts show their false faces. Find calmness when the illusion of storms appear on the horizon. Everything happens for you. You are not ever the victim unless you agree to be so. You are creating this new world, your world! How do you choose it to be? We are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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