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Creative Thought 101

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 20 2014 06:06AM

We have repeatedly suggested that you are intimately connected to the creative energies of the universe. Your every thought produces a movement of this energy. You think therefore you create. But are your thoughts, your creation, filled with mixed signals? In other words are your thoughts focused or do you doubt your ability to create this or is it that you are unsure of what you want? By observing your world you will find that it is filled with not only material things, but attitudes and perspective that you have accepted as yours thereby creating mental energies that are the very foundation of your creations. However, what of the things you desire, but believe it is unlikely you will ever have or that it will be difficult to do? See you, the conflict, and the cancelation of that creative energy? You have to own it first before you can create it! This, dear one, is an empowering thought. That, moves the creative energy straight away. If you really believe that it is your, you will do every thing possible to achieve it and the universe will respond in kind to bring it to you. So it becomes of the greatest efficiency in creation. So how does one become proficiency in creating? Practice with awareness! For every time you perceive a new idea or think of a new creation with passion you grow thousands of new brain cells to aid in accomplishing the task. This practice is, as you would say, bringing them on line.

Now, so far we have talked of personal creations and energy connection, but that is not the only reason you are here in this time and space. There are other creative beings here also helping to create this collective reality, or world that surrounds you. And this is a good thing but be careful in your creations that you do nothing to harm others. For if you do, you do it to yourself also. Such thoughts create a sense of guilt and harm. It will then be within your own energies to expect and create harm to yourself. So you see it is much about creating a loving, kind, and compassionate Universe. This is what you are here to learn, to practice, to evolve into and with! It is your world and you help guide the things that happen and the occurrences as you would prefer them. So when there is a situation that is less then kind and loving you can send creative loving energies and see them as healed and made whole in line with God’s highest designs. Want to create a Utopia? Think it into reality with love and compassion for everyone and everything. Be love and you loose all critical judgment. Be compassionate and feel the oneness with and a purpose for all things. Be of Utopia and all thoughts are empowered thoughts of the highest energies!

You are the creative element! You are God’s right hand! You are this individualized creator of the overall Creator. You have access to all the creative energies that are happening. How you see the world around you is how you have created it! Now let the brain cells grow and you evolve!

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