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Cycles Of Life

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 28 2014 10:36PM

You live your lives in cycles. These cycles are cycles of and for your awareness, observation, and evolving in wisdom, peace, and love. You change as you age and experience life. These cycles are roughly 10 years in length. The first is the “Love Me” cycle. Your first 10 years are to be about family relationships, learning of parental love, sibling love, and advancing into friendship with others. Any and all difficulties you come in with regarding early relationship will be expressed in this cycle. The second is the “Independence Seeking” cycle. Now at 10 to 20 years of age, you are still very much involved with relationships, except now it is about friendships, beginning love interest with the opposite gender, distancing yourself from family ties and independence. These are based upon how well you have succeeded in the first cycle. There will be a change in your awareness, in your growth and perception, as you discover you are indeed in your second cycle. This is a very important time as it set you up for how you will experience the rest of your life. All your adult karma from past lives and what you are creating now shows itself. Your profession, your life partner, your education, the mask you show to the outer world, all are mostly set within this time period. It is not so much a time of observing as it is of exploring, taking chances, and deciding who you wish to be in this lifetime. Then upon decisions you have made the 3rd cycles, or “Creation Cycle” begins. You are now in the 20 to 30 age span. This is a time of observing, perhaps for the first time, all the decisions you have made and how they please or displease you. Again, this is influenced by prior choices you have made. Some will feel over powered and others will feel pleased with their choices. It is stepping fully into your adulthood. The 4th cycle, age 30 to 40, is the beginning “Age of Adjustments”. Some will abandon their path for something complete different. It is a time of many divorces and separations in close relationships. In is also a time for introspection, a time of coming to terms with your own morality. The 5th cycle, “Fruits Of Your Labor”, at 40 to 50, it is a time of completion of your efforts, the things you wanted to accomplish. It is a time for knowing who you are as a person and how well you have manifested your wishes and desires. The 6th cycle, 50 to 60, is “Life Assessment Time”. Have you found happiness, success, love, or is it all boring an unfulfilling? It is a time for seeking renewal and adding difference experiences. The 7th cycle, “The Philosopher Age”, is potentially the longest, from ages 60 to 80 or 90. It is a time of looking back and of observing. It is a time of leaving the cycles of doing and discovering being, existing. All of your accomplishments, your disasters, your could have dones, your should have done judgments, lay before you as unchangeable. You will ponder if different paths would have made you some how different. But eventually you’ll discover that you make the paths, the paths do not make you.

You will find, upon reflection, that these cycles are not 10 year spans but rather are event related, varying from as little as 3 or 4 years to perhaps 15 or longer. If you look back, you will discover at least some of the events that created the beginnings of new cycles. But more important, notice how each cycle gives you new perspective upon things, upon the soul’s purpose and intent that you came in with to experience and hopefully overcome in this lifetime. It is the “Philosopher Age” cycle that set you up for your next incarnation and all the challenges you give yourself. Now, if you are stuck within a cycle that belies your age, you might look into this and ask yourself why.

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