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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 18 2013 04:37AM

Which should I choose? There are always decisions to be made so it seems, yes? Some may even be life changing. So you use logic, you may ask others for help, you might even pray and ask God for the right answers. And yet, the more important it is to you, the more uncertain you are of the correct choice to make regardless of your own conclusions or your source of help. Some will tell you to leave it in God's hands and trust. Others may say, "Trust your heart." Sounds like good advice if it is happening to others, but still unsettling if it is happening to you? If indeed, we are here to learn and to grow from our own physical experiences, then is it not easy to see we might be choosing wrongly? But what if we tell you; you cannot make a wrong choice? You can only make a choice or not! Even if you choose not to choose, you still have chosen. Whatever is your choice, this is to be the one you focus most strongly upon. It is the one you have chosen to experience upon this physical level, yes? But then, what of the other choices you might have made? We tell you, these you will know of and learn from on another level also, even as you will from the physical one of your choice. To understand this, realize you are first and foremost, intelligent consciousness, accessing and manifesting upon multidimensional realities. This is where your experiences, your questions, your quest, manifest and play out on the physical and other dimensions. It is because you have thought it into awareness, into existence, that it exist. Your physical body is but one manifestation on one dimension of this consciousness. So while you decide the experience on the physical plane or dimension, the one or ones not chosen, still play out in your higher consciousness or as you might say "On a soul level". Because you have thought of a situation, all possibilities play out to a potential loving resolution. It may not resolve the total issue you have presented to yourself, but all possibilities and probability are considered and experienced. If your Soul Consciousness or Higher Consciousness is still uncertain of a resolution as into love, then it will propose and present another and even another, similar learning experience for you. Now, what if you could do this on a physical level? Would it not effect how you choose if you knew the potential outcome? It is to be your inheritance as you evolve. It is part of the new energies of post 2012. So why do you worry so? However for now, chose one, any one, and enjoy the play, the drama, the experience. After all, they are here for your growth, your allowing personality, and your ever-changing reality. You cannot choose wrongly, ever! All paths, all choices, shall come together as love at their final conclusions.

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