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Emotional Beings

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 12 2014 07:48AM

We are all emotional being! It is who we are, what we do, how we act and react. If you are involved in metaphysics you will perhaps have heard that we are body, mind, and spirit, yes? Even if you take each part individually, the same holds true of that state of being. The mind is your thinking, your desires, your logic, and yet it operates fully integrated with your emotions. If you desire something, someone, or even answers to your questions, it will be given to you based upon your emotions. If you believe you can’t have the things of your desires or you are not worthy of them, then that shall be the answer to your desires. Believing the person of your desires is beyond your capability to attract will also end your chances of it happening. The burning questions you have and want answers to is given entirely how your emotional state is upon the subject. OK, so what of the body? Indeed, how could the body possible be emotional? What if the body’s action and reaction where based upon pain or pleasure? Then would not the pain create an emotion that you would choose not to follow, while with pleasurable body experiences you would wish to recreate those? And then there is the spiritual body or the essence of you, that part which is always evolving to a higher state of self awareness. Surely you will believe it is without emotional sway, yes? But again the driving force is your emotions. It like the others, is driven by emotions, seeking to be a better being or believing it is not worthy of such grandeur as the limitations as sinners are expressed in some of your holy books. What if you were without a physical body, just a form of consciousness? How then would emotions exist without a body? Even this that is termed as reincarnation is an act of emotional creation within the spiritual realms. May we suggest that even pure consciousness is ruled by the emotions, the things you want and do not want. However you choose to analyze this that you are, however you choose to break it down, emotions still rule your world, your creation, and your reality.

For most beings, emotions are not a choice but rather a reaction to a stimulus. We have an experience and decide almost as an after thought if it was good, bad, or somewhere in between, for us. If however, you choose to observe yourself and how you feel about your experiences you will have a greater ability to select your desired emotions and hence your creations! A state of Love goes much beyond this even. Love all your experiences as growth probabilities, and you have preselected your emotions. That is why you are here, it is who you are, it is why you exist!

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