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Emotional Creations

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jun 30 2014 03:15AM

So, you have heard that you are creator, creator of all things in your life by your thoughts. Yet you doubt!

We tell you, you are grand creators each, with the ability to create in an every changing world by your emotional thoughts and beliefs. And now you will try to think of something you have created by your thoughts and perhaps you will have difficult owning any of your creation, Yes? It is most strange that the creations you do most easily, you rarely acknowledge. Perhaps it is in doing your job well, feeling good about yourself, enjoying life, or loving someone. But what of the ones you struggle with? What of the new relationship you wish for, or the want of more abundance in your life? What of the new automobile, or the house you dream of owning? What of your health problems or those of your friends and family’s? Maybe it is conflicts with others or the ever increasing wrinkles that your mirrors reveals year after year? Do you see the connections, the relationship of your emotions and your thoughts? These things you struggle with become your own manifested creations and also can be your Achilles heel! And yet if you could put a positive attitude on them, an emotional loving acceptance that they would manifest with ease and certainty at the appropriate time and place, then they will assuredly manifest just as you have wished for.

Now here is the cincher, the blockbuster! Every thought is always creative. If you think, you create! But it is the emotion behind the thought that that makes it positive or negative for you, that makes it what you desire or it becomes what you do not want! If you doubt it or think it to be difficult or impossible, then this is your creation! So if your beliefs and your creation are one and the same, would it not be prudent to observe your thoughts and then take note of how you feel about them? Then how do you change them? Might we suggest that you see and feel each as a beautiful fulfilled creation? If indeed, they are your creations, your children by thought, why would you not own them? Why would you see them any way other than with love and acceptance. For we tell you this, it is your world and you are the one and only creator of it and everything within it. Are you happy with your world? If not, we invite you to observe your feelings of the things that are a disturbance to you. We are Alexander

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