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Empowered Manifestations

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 6 2014 05:26AM

What if we were to tell you there are other ways of communicating, other than with the spoken voice or vocal sounds? What we are proposing is that there is a “Spiritual Language” that all have access to and it is more efficient, more proficient, in getting a point across, in relating a better understanding of things. However it is much more than just communicating on a higher personal level, it is an integral part of your consciousness, your creativity, your imagination, your manifesting. It is a communication of pictures with feeling, emotions, and iconic presentations. You have this saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but no one carries enough pictures to describe what they wish to convey on a moment’s notice. Spiritual language might be thought of as the language of meditation or contemplation in that you are presented with images from within your consciousness. It is perhaps best presented to you with eyes closed and a questioning mind as you go within. While it may sound as if it requires a meditative state, it does not. It can be as active while you are fully conscious with eyes open and being active physically. The Aborigines of Australia call it dream time. An enlightened being might call it prayer time. But we prefer to relate to it as creation time!

So what has it to do with manifestations? It is “Empowered Manifesting”! It is using an iconic image as representing the very highest and best of what ever you are trying to create in your life. For your instants, what is the most powerful image you can conceive as related to Healing? Might it be the one known as Jesus with arm outstretched and touching you with the most powerful healing energies? Allow yourself to feel the electric vibrations of the healing energy as it courses through your body, healing, correcting, aligning. Now compared this to how you usually attempt to create healing. Perhaps you pray to God, “God help me, I’m sick”. Which do you think is the most powerful, the most persuasive? Notice which one creates the most positive emotional energy, thus the most healing. But it also changes how you think, how you create. It helps eliminate negative thoughts, doubts, uncertainty. You have the power within you!

Another example, what is your highest idea, your icon, for Abundance and or completion? How about Gold? What could better represent gold than bright, sparkling gold coins? What are you trying to accomplish or have? Why not stand it in a shower of gold coins, falling in great abundance all around it and you? Feel it as having all the abundance now, immediately, all efforts accomplished, completed. If it is a personal desire for abundance then feel the shower of gold coin falling around you as you raise your hand up and allow them to fall freely through your hands. Connect with the feeling of abundance from a prior feeling of lack! Without the iconic images, how would you connect with abundance? If you feel lack how do you change it? This is Spiritual language for abundance! This is empowered creating! How do you roll?

Relationships? What is your highest image, your most potent icon? No! It isn’t the one you want a relationship with! It is you! See you as filled with love for self, love for and enjoying life, being complete in this. This is your power symbol, your empowered base. Loving relationships are created from here. You loose the want, the need, the desire, the need for control, and all is love. It is not about wanting love in return. It is about giving love out, being love! Feel the strong emotional energy and the love state you are in and you have changed your idea and demands of relationships. Now what of the desired relationship with a certain one? If it were meant for you, for your highest and best it will occur. If not, let it go. It will be better in the longer run!

We wish you many empowered creations and new visions! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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