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Evolving The Power Of Thoughts

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 13 2013 04:41AM

What if you could alter the future, your future, by your thoughts and believes. What if you could cause things to happen by imagining them as already being in motion? Is it possible to influence another simply by thinking a thought of them doing or being a certain way? Do these things impress you as being impossible or improbably? Or do you believe we are all separate and apart and we have no mental or spiritual connection one with the other? Then we suggest you touch everything with stronger emotions, especially this that rings of and with love! Then we think you may be most amazed as you witness the manifestations there of. Now, in your reality, your world, is telepathy possible? Do you think psychic information is magic, some sort of a trick, or fakery? Is knowing the unknown or future happenings possible? We honor your believes and allow you your truths, for it is where you are upon your path of spiritual enlightenment, evolvement, and growth. But then again, what if these things were possible. How can you evolve your power of thought? Might we suggest that positive thoughts create the things you wish for and most desire, while negative thoughts and doubts bring forth those things you wish not for? Perhaps the most difficult thing is to hold a thought without it deteriorating into doubt or uncertainty, yes? These things do exist within your world already. It is part of the current state of human evolvement and growth, and yes you are indeed, here to grow. So what does the future hold when you believe? Peace, loves, happiness, contentment, good health, abundance, are the fruits of knowing beyond a doubt that your thoughts create and are enhanced as you practice your new abilities. But beyond this, imagine the worlds you and others will create. What shall be your definition and dreams of utopia? As you and others grow and evolve, your thoughts will control machines, your visions become more clearly defined, your creations become more elaborate, and your thoughts and others, shall connect and combine to even greater potential. This that is mediation now, shall be the key to future mass creations and awareness as you advance. The skies shall literally, be your outer limits as you reach out beyond this Earthly sphere. Welcome to your amazing and bright future! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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