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Expansion of Physical Consciousness

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 26 2013 07:05AM

We are all in this together. It is post 2012, a time and place for a new world and newly created realities. Many are the those who belief that nothing has or is going to happening. Few are those who see the beginning of changes and fewer still are the ones who know they are here to help create the changes. All of this is about the mental, the conscious awareness. It happens firstly in consciousness, then in manifest into the physical world. This we speak of is the expansion of physical consciousness so it interacts with and accesses the higher conscious or the Soul’s consciousness. It is here that the joining of forces of intelligences and information will allow for vital downloads into the physical mind, into your being. It is said you only are using perhaps 10% of your brain’s capacity and we propose to you, this is of the other 90% that you have been waiting for. It is a giant step forward and upward for mankind and the world he believes he dominates. But it shall not happen without an effort, a desire, or awareness. It requires the expansion of your consciousness to connect with the oneness of the world around you. It means you must identify with and mentally become the people around you. It means you must identify with and become as one with your city, your state, your country, your world. Beyond this you are to identify with and become as a tree is, become the plants, the fishes in your oceans, identify with the animal life, and in the process, lose awareness of thy self. It is called “being the oneness with love”, for you will not join with things you do not like and respect. As you make these connections, ask to open yourself to the unseen realms, the spiritual dimensions. Now if you already are, as you would say psychic, then you have a step up, an ability that will serve you well upon your path. These are the links, the connections, the long awaited responses to your quest for expansion, for enlightenment, for evolvement. It is here, with your intent and desire, you shall know and understand the true meaning of Creator, of God, of this Ultimate Creative Intelligence. Connecting with and becoming the oneness with all things and potential things is necessary for development of this evolvement, for this time and space. Without it you will not grow and evolve further, nor shall you gain mastery over this plane of existence. It is the changing of the guard. It is the viewing of life from a loving perspective. It shall be the correcting of all things considered to be inappropriate for the whole of the world. And here is the gift you bring to yourself; The only one you have to become one with is this totality of you! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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