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Family Purpose

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 14 2013 03:38AM

You are here as part of a family unit. Your purpose as a part of this group is to love and to support each other and to heal yourself and the others! There is always at least one of you who comes in with a strong intent to be healed. If you do not see it in other members then consider, it may be you. As the immediate family ages and certain one cross over, the last two left behind can be the healers of the collective family energies. They have the opportunity to heal unresolved issues and to aid anyone who is still in need of healing on a spiritual level even though that one has passed over! So why is this important? Because the last two members of this immediate family dictate the energy the family will have in their next incarnation. Until you have reached the ability to love, support, and allow each one their expressions, you will most likely be incarnated within the same family group again and again. If they can experience the family energy with love and acceptance then that is the potential energy that is set for the "next time". However it require connection with each other and agreeable communication. Now, as to your saying in song "Only The Good Die Young". We tell you, being good or bad has little to do with longevity. But this, - how you express your energies does dictate how long you will be here! It is rather the stressful emotions and dramas that damage and accelerate the ageing of the body. If life is difficult and filled with drama then we would expect the body to reflect that emotional energy in one's health or lack there of. We would likely see this one pass over sooner. Now, we ask you to look back in memory upon your younger years? Were you a contributor to the peace, love, and support of the family? Or were you the "Teenage Rebel"? If so, when and have you changed to become one of support? Realize, you can not change another but you can love, allow them the freedom of expression, and support them? If these things you do, you will be the example, the pattern that the whole of the family may follow to greater evolvement. Your family's energies, how they express love and caring for each other, is one of your first important task that you have come in to aid in this manifestion. We would say to you, it may even be the most important! “This” is your premier training ground! We are; Alexander - Love & Peace!

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