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Influences Of Family Energies

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 17 2013 10:04AM

When you come into this physical world, you already have a personality, accumulated beliefs and an existing moral code of conduct. These you "play" against the energies of the family you have chosen to be with herein. The relationship between the mother and father will greatly affect how you will be, how you will act, and how you perceive this new world. If you have siblings, it will effect how you interact with them. Do you love, are you kind, and supportive of them, or are your energies combative, controlling, and selfish? These become your strategies of how you will cope in this new experience until and if you choose to change. Changing you is what this life is about, know you this? You have an experience, you notice how you react, and you observe how the others in this experience mirror their feelings back to you. Notice, this is how your parent's relationship influences how you are reacting. You may react the same, similar, or opposite if their relationship doesn't support your moral code of conduct. If you choose kind, loving, supportive interactions you will grow, evolve, and mature into the mature spiritual being you entered herein to be. However, if you choose to be selfish, controlling, or have manipulative ways, then the challenges will happen repeatedly and usually with more undesirable circumstances. It is not happening to you but for you, to aid you, to grow you. You are not a victim but rather the creator of the experience. Now, may we suggest that you chose your parents, how they were and will be, long before you arrived herein. We have proposed that everyone learns and grows from how you chose to "feel" about your experiences. It does not require a religious experience although this may aid certain ones. Good friends, your teachers, and religions, are there to be of aid when you are in need. Observe yourself, observe how those around you react to you. It is all about knowing thy self! Are you an asset or a liability to the family energies? Change yourself and you change the family energies. Be kinder, more gentle, show love, and your place within the family's energy structure shall effects the whole of the family. Realize also the family's collective energy also effects you, but you get to choose how you will be. We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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