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Influences To Who You Become

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 17 2014 05:23AM

Each one grows and evolves by how they experience life. If your experiences of life have been ones of enjoyment and allowances, then that is how you will be as a person, as an outlook, as your perspective. This is how you expect and make life to be for you. It is your creation, your world. But there are other influences besides and in addition to these. From the time you were a very small child and even up until now, you are influenced by certain individuals that are rather iconic in your world for what they have meant to you. Perhaps it has been a parent, a special uncle or aunt, or a close friend. Maybe it was a famous athlete, a singer, an actor, or some person of fame. But you decide what those persons represent to you as a perfect example of being, of living a life most fulfilling. These then, become your guidelines of how you decide to be or become. If, for instant, you are an Elvis fan then you may be influenced by not just his singing abilities but also how you perceive him as a person. What he says, does, and how he acts, is not just a permission for you to do and be that way, but it also becomes an awareness of this is how you should be. You will most likely pick up good and bad habit from every one you chose to emulate to become you. So this time and place you have chosen to incarnate into the physical has a great bearing on how you will become. This we tell you was your choice and it holds the greatest possibilities for your growth and evolvement!

Those things you may already be in awareness of, but what we wish to inform you of is that even these are related to your past life experiences. The reasons you are attracted to certain personalities types is because you have experienced most of these before. Just as you are attracted to a person as your love interest, there has been a similar personality experiences from another life. You seek it out in this lifetime because of love, jealousies, good or bad relationships. It is unfinished business, something that you wish to come to satisfactory terms with, so that your life isn’t unbalanced by this. As you grow and evolve you will find that you are to be sovereign, the captain of your own ship, the ruler of your own creations. It is not about ruling over or controlling others. It is just the opposite in that it is about allowances for others to be as they are. When you have arrived at this state of awareness you will find that you can love even more intensely without loosing sight of who you are.

So your influences are forever and ongoing. It is past life to present life to future lifetimes. It is about becoming a master over this plan of existence. Look around and you may discover that even you may have grand influences upon those you know! We are Alexander

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