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Is Life A Challenge?

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jul 6 2014 06:33AM

Ever you look at how you perceive and have perceived, each experience you have in your physical life? Do you see the challenges you have given yourself each day of your existence? You see, it is no accident, as each perceived attitude is based upon the hope of overcoming each challenge and establishing within yourself a sense of being capable of creating life as you wish it. It is your wish, your desire, the your reason for being here! It is always past life related and it effects your present life and your future as well. It is about attitude, it is how you love, how compassionate you are! It is about your sense of balance in your life experiences. Indeed, do you feel capable of maintaining a spiritual outlook of fairness with an awareness of oneness with all beings and things? This dear one, is but philosophy, theory, but it has so much to do with your creativity.

From the time you entered here it has been challenges and each challenge has been uniquely yours. If nothing else, this makes you very special. When you were an infant the challenge was to connect with your parents. It could mean survival or not! Later it was to befriending other children without loosing sight of who you were. School was a challenge to grow educationally as well as socially. Did the teenage years bring you relationships with the opposite gender and did the challenges of your needing to be always in control rule your world or did you allow establishing who you are to be sufficient. Then the challenges of adulthood! College, job, marriage, perhaps children of your own, are some of the challenges. Each person will deal differently with the choices and the intensity they feel but it is how you feel about yourself that determine your growth, your evolvement. And that is the purpose and the reason why you are here! So, now you may look back at your many experiences and see the commonality of how you have felt about yourself. Are you content with who you were, who you are now? Are you happy? But more importantly, do you see yourself as fair minded, as compassionate to others? Did you know you can change who you are being just by changing your attitude? Have you tried treating other with love as you would wish to be treated?

Now if you are meta-physical you are probably thinking, Isn’t life more about inner peace, love, and tranquility, and has nothing to do with challenges? Yes? But do you not see even these are challenges, challenges to get there and stay within that awareness? We tell you Jesus, Buddha, and all others who have evolved came in with challenges perhaps bigger then you! So how are you managing your challenges?

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