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Is Your Legacy Expanding Now? (part 2)

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 7 2014 04:04AM

Lifetime after lifetime your challenge has been to change your world, to create a continuing loving Legacy. Now is the time as never before. It is not some un-manifested mental longings but it has to be an actual change you create upon the physical plan that effects not just you, but everyone in your society. Never before have you, as part of this mass human consciousness, brought it to such a high awareness of justice, equality and equal rights, fair treatment, and a strong sense of community. Most of this has evolved within the last 75 to 100 years. While its beginning energies are as ancient as wars and battles of old, your Civil War, civil rights protest, women’s right to vote, equal rights, and even your ability to protest your government’s battles and wrong doings, are the things that now have created a fast evolving society. Notice if you will, these are presented on a large scale by your mass media and never before have you had such instant information to aid your decision making. So, recognize that your electronic, TV, radio, computers, etc., happen in this time and space because you are ready for it. We have stated that it is a time of evolvement as never before in all of your collective history. It is time for giant steps, leaps and bonds, in your legacy and it isn’t over yet, it has just begun! You came in to love it, are you enjoying the run?

Now do you believe there is nothing happening, nothing is in change? Can you not see that everything always happens for a reason, everything serves a purpose? The things once judged as wrong or inappropriate are now the gifts that allow you to change your awareness to a greater sense of what is just, loving, and compassionate. But it is also a time for caution in that it is possible to get caught up within the dramas and emotions of change and lose sight of loving it. It is all part and parcel of evolving to loving everything and seeing it all through eyes of love! It is an opportunity as never before to aid your living Legacy in this lifetime as well as all human Legacies. You are as close to mastery of this plane as you are to loving it all. Recognize you are in this time and space because you are supposed to be! You are here to effect the larger mass consciousness and also to be influenced by it. Just as a drop of water becomes one with the ocean and its influences, so it is with you and the evolvement of humanity consciousness! We are Alexander

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