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Life On The Other Side

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Apr 15 2014 05:41AM

Ever you wonder what “life” is like on the other side after you pass over? Indeed, if you believe that there is the possibility of the continuation of life after this that you call death, what is it like? Even those who profess to believe it is so, have conflicting ideas and views of what and how it is “over there”. While you are there, are you still connected in some way with the physical and those who remain here and is there the possibility of communication with the “living”? What remains of you when you have lost the body? Is it your true essence or do you become something completely different or simply cease to exist? Do your beliefs and creative thinking effect your “after life” or “between life” experiences? Are you a continual being, an eternal consciousness, that experiences life after life as days after days in the Soul’s existence? And why are you? Of what is your purpose for existence, for being? Questions to ponder without firm, provable answers, Yes? So is it faith, intuition, a knowingness, or some strange morbid curiousness, that leads you here?

We are Alexander, may we tell you we exist on this that is termed “the other side”. We have answers for you, not the only answers or all the answers, but answers from the collective consciousness of a brotherhood of like minded seekers who have had and are still having physical experiences and alternate spiritual journeys as are you. We come to you through the medium you refer to as channeling to one who is receptive to our energies. We do not ask that you believe without questions, these things we bring to you, but ask you to judge them on merits alone.

You are first and foremost a consciousness, a feeling, thinking, creative intelligence. You are part of, and intimately connected to, the whole of this Creative Universe. You are part and parcel of this original consciousness that has been called God among other things. So the term, sons and daughters of God, is most appropriate. You are cause! Nothing is created without cause. You each create your own world, your own reality, your own experiences, life after life in concert with other Souls . You are evolving, growing, and mastering beings, by the accepted effects of the experiences you have manifested in your lives. The senses you manifest in the physical are among those you also have in “Spirit”, but in spirit form there are extended abilities that most deny in the physical. Now, each new lifetime is created by these “templates of senses” you bring forth from prior lifetimes. So who you are, is this evolving template you are creating each lifetime. In your true “spirit form” you still have a body or rather the template of the body you are currently identifying with and being. However, in Spirit you are a “consciousness doer” as opposed to a “physical doer”, so the physical body template is rarely exhibited except mostly as your identity to other being. You experience most awareness as through a pair of eyes or being there as observing your creating thinking and spiritual experiences. Even these “spiritual senses” are what you choose to utilize or believe as possible. So even in Spirit, you are still the creator. What you think and believe, you get! How limiting shall you be? We are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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