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Life Plan

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Mar 30 2014 06:55AM

Are you, your life plan or is your life plan you?

Might we say a life plan is rather alike to a blueprint of who you will be, what you hope to accomplish, the things that are likely to happen in your life? So, do you consciously create a life plan or is your life plan an unconscious creation? What if, as if by some weird design, you are the creative energies that manifest everything in your life, in your world? Now, what if these happenings were generated by the very essence of you, by who you really are, even by all the unconscious beliefs that you have? What we are suggesting is that these collective beliefs are the magnetic attraction that draws all your ongoing experiences to you, not just occasionally, but always and continuously. However, they are changeable and they do change as you change! Change your mind, your beliefs, and you can change your experience in and of life. You can and do alter your “life plan”. Your happiness, or your sense of a lack of abundance, or your awareness of love experiencing, are only true because you believe them to be so. You create them by believing them to be true. We tell you, even your health challenges are alterable.

So, where do beliefs come from, what create them into experiences? They may be from your childhood experiences, your parents, your observations and judgments of life around you. But what of the ones that you see no reason for, no explanation as to why they happen to you? And these we suggest, are going to be in the majority! Dear one, what if you have lived before? What if you have had a different body, lived in another time and space, you had experiences that were dramatic enough to make you believe they must be part of your destiny, as they occur again and again in your thoughts and awareness. Fears are great creators, as is a sense of lack of self worth. Judgments about imperfections in one’s looks, things you believe you can not accomplish. These all result in those creations in your present life plan. These may be among the challenges you come in with. Notice they are for the most part, emotional beliefs you have formed about yourself and life. But occasionally one may bring in with them physical difficulties from past lives also.

Now, how do you heal, how do you change this that you are? Firstly, recognize that you are not your experiences, your judgments, not even your believes! You, dear one, are the creator of them! You learn most efficiently, most rapidly, by these that you term as negative experiences. But they must be experienced as positive, must be lived as acceptable, without self judgment, to change them. In a word, love the experience and the experience changes you. It changes from failure to accomplishment and overcoming. It is usually not a one time positive experiencing of the difficulty but requires diligence, persistent, repetition, determination, to make it a positive skill, an earned ability, in your enduring reality. We tell you, you are each Creators! This is why you are here, this is what you do, as you grow and evolve. This is your only true destiny!

We are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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