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Oneness is Evolvement / Spotted Eagle

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 6 2013 04:52AM

Most of you, my brothers & sisters, go through whole lifetimes being and believing you are separate and apart from the wholeness, the completeness, that is within all things. Do you know the oneness of you and your connection with all surroundings? Have you ever looked to Father Sky and became the twinkling stars or been the stillness of the moon as it fully lights the darkness of night? Do you know of Mother Earth as she enfolds you with her energies at the first light of day and lifts the fog from your eyes? Have ever you flown as an eagle high above the pines and looked down, knowing your wings are one with the wind as you sail upon the oceans of the sky? Have you cried out with long delightful screeches, as winds of the mountain carry you rapidly higher and higher? Do you know what is it to be the laughing stream that dances lightly down the mountainside and then to become the bright yellow flower that enjoys the mist from the bounding waters? Brothers, sisters, you can be much more then this body that imprisons you and it is all yours for the desire, for a dream! Mother Earth gives you life as a human being so that you may be all the beauty that surrounds you. She grows the flowers, the grass, and the tall trees for you. She gives life to all creatures, large and small. Father sky lights up the day so you may see the beauty you are missing in all things and gives you eyes what you may see all you might be, if you would only desire to be more then this body of your. You speak of enlightenment and evolvement on a personal level, but how can you evolve if you know not what it is to be other than your body? If you were of my village, my tribe, then you would know of your vision quest to find yourself in nature. You would become as one with the things around you and they would speak softly to you. Here you would discover your true self, what you are to seek in this lifetime, what your energies are to be, and what animals or sources are represented. These whispers would guide you and protect you, and to these things you would give thanks and honor. These things would fill your heart with peace and comfort as you become at one with them from this time on. Then love will surly flow from your heart and fill your mind with wisdom as easily as raindrops fall from the warm clouds of summer. Does your spirit, your connection, live only within your stained glass buildings or is it more abundant in the freedom and openness of the oneness of nature? Do the spirits and your ancestors surround you and speak in the whispers of the wind of things to come? Do such winds blow within your spiritual buildings and do they speak to you when you have left? Find and be the oneness and you are forever and always connected and growing, evolving! Ahh-yeee; Spotted Eagle

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