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Past lives Understanding & Training

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 30 2014 07:18AM

First order in learning past life awareness is to be convinced that reincarnation and past lives are a reality. So let us begin with a few tips from your past lives energies. Past lives will have a major impact and draw where you are located now. It is not the location as much as it is the surroundings that influence you. For instant if you have had lives by the oceans or lakes and they were comfortable to you then that is where you will likely be drawn to again. If the desert or a forested area was a comfortable lifetime then it will probably be included in this life. Cold weather, warm, or hot temperatures may also be a factor in where you live in this lifetime. Notice if where you are feels like home to you, as a place you belong. Now you are getting an understanding, Yes? So first upon your agenda of awareness is location, location, location, much like a business! It is the business of your life. Where you exist now is no accident. You are here because you were drawn here, because your energies and preferences demanded it.

Now consider your purpose. It is not likely that your job or what you do for a living are the main purpose for you being here in this time and space. It is much more about relationships and interacting with others. Family relations are more than preparing you for your future as a responsible adult, they give you clues of what you are to work on. It could be about control, selfishness, peace and calm, love, compassion, sharing, helping others, healing, loving life, enjoyment, or any of several others. Take a few moments and list the ones that talk to you. Loving relationship with a spouse or significance other will reveal a lot of things to you, things you would not have imagined other wise. Realize that emotions also reveal purpose especially the strong and intense ones. Conflicts you have along the way are great teachers. In searching for purpose, realize these experiences are for you alone. No one else is to be blamed or to be honored for them. They are the teachers who are there when you are ready. Purpose in any lifetime is about 85% related to past life agendas that were not completed to your higher self’s satisfaction and these bring about your challenging experiences this lifetime.

After you feel you have established some of your purposes are, meditate and imagine what scenario could have created these in a past life. Let your imagination soar with possibilities. They do not have to be correct, but they well could be. Now your journey begins! Practice and repetition will bring forth information and insights that will delight and amaze you. Take note of how you receive the information. It may be intuitive, as pictures, or as conversations. Allow it to come to you as if you are watching a movie as opposed to making it happen. Soon you will find yourself touching others and discovering that they, like you, have had past lives also with different and unique outcomes. This dear one, is part of your evolvement, your growth, of discovering more of your complete self. Good luck and good hunting! We are Alexander

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