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Physical Life

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 14 2014 07:14AM

You are having a physical experience! So what is necessary to fulfill your purpose in this drama filled world into which you have decided to enter? What is important, what really matters? What give you life? Take a breath, breath into the lungs and notice the comfort feeling you are encounter. Now imagine if there were no oxygen or air mixture to fuel and feed the body. Missing this, you are gasping for breath and soon the body ceases to function. Water, food, air, are taken for granted until there is none, yes? And yet, most never give thanks or even a second thought for the basic fundamentals of physical life. Everyone seems to believe they are here to accomplish something special in life! We agree, but it is not as you believe! You are here to enjoy life, to grow to be calm and peaceful, to learn compassion, love, and help each other through your journeys, to love and appreciate the experiences. You are here to evolve as eternally growing consciousness! Beyond the basics and your evolving of consciousness, everything else is secondary. Your life experiences are but dramas to evolve you to your life purpose directives. It is not so much of what you do but rather how you emotionally feel about them!

If this be so, then why do you not know this? How could you be here and not have a clue, a memory, or even an inkling of this? What if you have been brain washed, reprogramed, and brow beaten, by your society, your family, your schooling, and even your religions? What if you are a victim of the mass programing that wishes to enslave you, control you, and force you to believe this material world is the only reality? If you can be convinced that everything is accomplished by physical effort only, then what happens to the grand powers of creations of your positive consciousness? It, dear one, is still intact but for the most part, unused, dormant! To create you need to be able to visualize and establish a state of mind that accepts and knows only that reality. The power is within you waiting for you to acknowledge it, to use it!

Want to go beyond the limitations the physical world? Want to connect with your higher self, your higher consciousness? Might we suggest it is brought back to you through this that you call meditation! Everything you are, everything you have ever been, everything you wish to know is revealed here in. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find. It is not in your books or Bibles. Those may be guidelines, but your connection with your higher consciousness reveals your personal connection as no book can. Ask, in your meditations, if you have existed before, how to create a new reality of creations, guidance in your experiences, ask for enlightenment. It only open up for you when you ask! We Are Alexander

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