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Preditions for 2014

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 28 2013 07:09AM

What will happen in 2014? Where and how do you tune in for your versions, your visions? Is the future already set as in stone, or is it still in flux waiting to see what wishes and desires of the collective or mass consciousness will manifest? And finally, what do you wish for to happen in your own personal world that would let you know you are the empowered one that creates by your own desires, experiences, and emotional responses? Does it seem that we are suggesting that you each can not only see the future psychically but you can effect it, change it, project it, on a personal level and on a mass collective level of manifestation also. Indeed that is exactly what we are suggesting that you have the ability and potential to do this. Recognize that you have that inherit connection with the oneness in all things. You can not but be part of this greater whole! But it is only those who know this or at least expect it, that are the creators of the future. We tell you, most of humanity does not believe it has this creative ability and such convictions create a mass consciousness that simply goes along with whatever is put forth. So, we ask you now; are you a creator or a victim of manifestations by default circumstance?

Now, let us see how the future is created! Notice what your media suggest has a strong influence on mass consciousness and what you should expect? Expect to have increased storms and more severe weather, especially in winter. Perhaps there could be an earthquake or two upon your west coast or even the “Big One”? You see, if indeed you buy into this then you are part of these fearful creations to come. Do you meditate? Then see it differently, expect it to be the opposite. Love that view and except nothing less! Do this and you may change the whole of the outcome or at least you will make it less severe! One thing you will find is that you will not be caught up in the creation unless you become fearful of it. But your true creative ability is in your very personal creations. It is in the things you would wish to experience in this upcoming year. If you will say with certainty, these are the things I will accomplish this year, they will occur. Now you will say, if you are somewhat skeptical, “I would have done this thing anyway”. But recognize the thought is the creative element here. If you had doubted, it would not manifest. Personal creations are no more complicated or difficult then this! So, how will you create in this new year, what do you see? We see for you, much more creative awareness, more observing your thoughts and analyzing the results. We are Alexander

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