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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 3 2014 05:40AM

Reality? Really? Where? You can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch, the physical world around you. So you think you have a firm grip on the only reality and that it has to be the physical realm that your 5 senses validates to you as undeniably real, yes? So, do you let it go as such, or does your curiosity and inquisitiveness seek out alternatives, other possibilities. What do you say of the emotional world you create around you? We tell you, emotions are the driving force in everything you do, in everything you think, in everything you create or have created. Are not the 5 senses but tools you use to connect to and observe the physical realm? Are they not validations that you have created within and upon the material world? Have you noticed that passion, or lack there of, is in direct proportion to how efficiently you create? Is this then not a mental world, fueled by one’s imagination, dreams, fears, desires, doubts, and experiences? This world is neither solid nor permanent. It is in flux and changeable by one’s perspective, judgments, and even your changing states of mind.

Now, what of your dream world? Is it a fantasy or some ill presentations of unconscious memories trying to make sense of your unsatisfied present experiences? Or could it be the unconscious trying to communicate with your conscious mind while it is compromised by sleep? It exist in all humanity and perhaps it is part of your greater reality as a creative being.

But what if there was still more? What if indeed, you were part of a massive collective consciousness that was intimately connected to and shared with all other creators and creations and potential creations? Could it be that you are an individualized consciousness that has and is creating the experience of you in this time and space? What if the recognition and embracing of this concept could lead you to a closer connection to who and what you really are? If this be so, then you would have been this grand creator all along and the idea of evolving is more of a task of remembering yourself. Now, what if by remembering yourself, the unused and untapped portions of the physical brain are opened and receptive to activate your true potential of creativity. What then would be your reality if you knew you could instantly change your physical world by your thoughts and desires? What if the consciousness of you has created this physical life experience of you and it is but one of many you have had and will have on your journey of remembering and claiming your grandness?

May we suggest that you are a triad, a trio of Consciousness, Creator, and Experiencer. This is the reality you have created! It is your true beingness! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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