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Sexual Energies And Their Purpose

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 24 2014 08:15AM

You are here upon this physical plane because sexual energies have created that possibility. If not for this you would not exist as the person you are, nor would this world of humanity exist. Although this subject is taboo for most it is a necessary part of being human, of being spiritual. This is collective consciousness manifested. Its purpose is to allow conscious beings entrance into this materiality and to fully experience love. It is the most powerful and only driving force that maintains and renews the human race through the pleasures of the act for two of the opposite gender and it is within the evolvement of human understanding. It fulfills the most basic ideas of love and caring. Everyone is sexual and subject to the hormones and drives thereof. However, not all sexual energies are expressed in the highest and best ways. But even these are teaching tools for one to learn from and evolve to a higher awareness through the experience. It teaches you so much about yourself, your beliefs, your hang ups, your sense of reality, your allowances for others, if you will observe.

We have suggested that all thoughts, creations, and experiences, are emotional based. Sexual energies are highly emotional and have a major influence upon most if not all things you think and do. It can create the highest of highs or the depths of depression, but it has much to do with your own choosing! As you may have surmised, properly expressed, sex is a faucet of love and understanding. Love combined with high sexual energies bring you to a grand awareness of oneness with the other and indeed, with the whole of the Universe. While controlling attitudes, lack of self appreciation and love, and not allowing the other person freedom of choice, create depraved and abusive experiences.

Now, while the sex act is mostly common knowledge, your sexual energies extend far beyond those mentioned above. The more emotional energy a thoughts has the more powerful are your desired creations. Sexual emotions, passions, and love, are the most powerful conveyers of creative energies. Kundalini energy is a powerful spiritual sexual energy that should be used with caution and understanding, to create with. It would be wise to have a mentor/teacher if you choose to play with this energy because it is possible to over do it to your detriment. As you grow in wisdom and become more aware of your greater consciousness, the proper timing and mental creation of Kundalini energy will become part of your energies and abilities.

What if we were to tell you, you are a spiritual, sexual, creative consciousness and the physical world is your creation, your playground, and aids your evolving greater consciousness!

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