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The Colors Of Pre-Creation

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 4 2014 07:16AM

Colors are visual expressions of energies vibrating at given oscillations. Thoughts create “surrounding overlays of colors” around the thinker. You may think of these “surrounding overlay colors” as carrier waves that allow detailed design of that color. For example, pink may be the carrier wave for love and the details of how that love is being expressed will alter the shade and intensity of that pink. Red could be the carrier wave of creations and the shade and intensity will be the details of it is expressed and manifested. If the red is something you are happy with and it flows easily from you, it will likely be a bright transparent red. The alternative, if it is difficult and stressful it will be of a deeper red and more solid. So why do we share this with you? It is so you may see your world and the outer world around you with a greater understanding of how pre-creative thoughts become creative energy. But even more important, it is the key to setting your creative thoughts and desires into motion for manifesting upon your physical plane. Observe the world around you, look for the colors around a person. If you can see auras then it is not beyond your ability to see faint colorations of emotional thoughts emitting from a person. Another way of attuning to colors is to close your eyes and use your inner vision or as you may say, your third eye to observe the colors of creation. Chakra colors are indeed creative colors, but there are many more that are in the range of rainbow colors. So in your exploration of colors you will begin to discover the more complete meanings of the ones you observe and work with.

Now, all of this may be for not, if you do not meditate. Meditate and you will discover it is an ideal place to imagine, to firm up, and to project your creative thought into your future. While it may be true that your physical world confines your awareness to the present moment of time, your thoughts extend into the future. Memories are your past, experiencing is your present, but thoughts, thoughts are your very own created future! Thoughts are indeed your future, manifesting as you are capable of putting them forth by firm belief and a clear vision of your desires.

Ready to play? Relax into a gentle meditative state. Eyes closed, allow the mind to calm. If you wish to create into the physical plane, then picture a creative red screen of potential energy. Allow the thing or things you would wish, to show up on the screen for future creation. Give it a bright and transparent color of red. See it as easy, fun, and comfortable to accomplish. Know that it is in motion even as you think it. Now turn it lose to evolve and create. It requires nothing futher from you. As it manifest into your world then you alter and change it to your "then desire" as it is happening. So, we give you the tools that can change your future and you may find yourself changing also as you become more and more proficient with your own "carrier wave and colors". You, my dear ones, are destined to become masters of this plane and all the other deminsional planes within which your consciousness exist. It is as music is to learn. It requires- practice, practice, practice. We are Alexander

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