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The Energy Of Love

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 17 2013 06:48AM

We tell you, love is more than an emotion. It is an energy, an empowered presence, when put in motion by one’s thoughts and intent. It magnetically attracts the Creative Universe! It has the ability and potential to change thoughts, actions, and intents, of all persons and things involved in both creative and non-creative ventures. When love is conceived in its most pure unconditional state, it covers the conceived idea as would a spilt bottle of lovely perfume fills the air in a small room. And while it may be invisible to your 5 accepted physical senses, it is none the less felt on the emotional and mental levels. So, is it not most interesting that this emotional state and most creative state, is not recognized as your #1 physical sense or at least as your 6th sense? We have suggested to you, even your most potent thoughts go out and mix with the mass consciousness of your species. In effect, they do battle with each other and the most powerful ones are the creative energies that survive and manifest. But love, Oh this magic of love, has no contesting energies and therefore manifest most rapidly and in its purest form. It has no negative repercussions and rewards the creator with feelings of elations even as it is conceived and before it is manifest.

And yet projecting love is your biggest challenge. It is the lack of this ability that holds back the evolution and growth of the whole of mankind on this physical level. Have you yet gained the ability to see yourself as oneness with all things, as one with all peoples? Do you love yourself totally, completely, and unconditionally? Can you love the whole of your world? Do you see that each judgment, each ill perceived flaw of one’s self, becomes another limiting inability to reaching true love manifesting? May we tell you that the things that happen in your world that perhaps disturb you, still happen for you so you may see your challenges. They are as mirrors into your world. If you see this world as a completion, a struggle, then these too, are limiting thoughts. Dear ones, it is a mind game, an emotional challenge created by you, for you, to evolve you! With awareness comes progress, and with progress comes mastery over this dimension, this plane of existences! With mastery, the physical body will become more adaptable and pliable to the thoughts of the mind and to the influences of your more loving emotions. The results will be giant steps forward as the human bodies will live longer, be stronger and yet lighter. They will respond to your thoughts most easily and your youth that so quickly disappears now, will last throughout extended lifetimes! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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