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The Evolving Human

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 8 2013 04:23AM

It is post -2012. We tell you change is underway, yet you look around and see only the same as pre -2012, yes? Change begins with the thought, the idea, the imagination, and when it has matured sufficiently, or held in place as a firm belief, it then begins to materialize. A baby is not born until it is ready to survive outside the womb and neither is an idea! It needs all it necessary parts so there is a complete picture. This is the process, the way of creation. Then one idea begots another and the other, even another. This has been happening with greater frequency for the last of your 200 years. But have you noticed that it is increasing exponentially? 2012 was the tipping point where your world consisted more of the new ideas then of the old established mass reality. Now it is, as you might say, downhill from here! So what is in the works, what new never before seen or experienced creations can you expects? A lot of new creations are as a two-sided sword. They potential have both negative and positive effects and outcomes. It is you, the creators, who must decide how it will be used for the good of all. Some of the major players of all new creations have already been unleashed to some's horror, and to others delight and anticipation. It is gene splicing, GMO, DNA manipulation, the altering what nature has given. Even if you are or are not a religious person your opinion is likely along the lines of "Don't mess with what God has given," yes? But, dear ones, you have been "Messing with what God has given" since Adam and Eve and even before! Yes, we already hear your rebuttal - "Man is not supposed to play God". To which we shall reply - "Why not, you have been doing it for thousand upon thousands of years". It is who and what you are by design, by curiosity, by intent! If you had not been acting as Gods or creators, you would be as all the animal life exist. You would be living without clothes, without houses, without any of your "convinces" of today! The problem as we see, is that your creations keep evolving while your brain remains rather primitive comparative as to thousands of years ago. So, we propose, if you were not meant to evolve mental then you would never have the means or ability to do so. Your primitive brain worked fine for survival, being a slave or warrior, but it is somewhat lacking in the evolvement of the "new creative human being". Enough said! Your future holds modifying DNA and gene splicing, removals and additions of certain genes, so you will live longer, healthier lives. Even new organs and body parts can be grown to replace defective ones. With DNA changes, your brain will be brought to its next levels of higher creativity and intelligence. Telepathic communication, the ability to effect objects by thoughts, the warrior and embattlement tenacities lowered, rapid advancement in technology, space travel, are but a few of the bright creations for the future we foresee. But it can only happen now with the experiments in DNA modifications. Will there be mistakes and wrong directions taken also? We tell you yes! It is all part of the maturing of a new idea, a new creation. It is the completion, the whole of knowing. It cannot happen without both the negative and positive aspects. It is here you are the God energy! You decide if it is for all to benefit or for only a select few! Higher intelligence already knows. It is alignment with the higher aspects of yourself and this you know as God or the Original creator who has put you here so he/she may experience through you! We await your arrival! WE ARE ALEXANDER

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We Are:  Alexander


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