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The New Agenda

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 11 2013 05:40AM

2013 and nothing is happening, Oh Yeah? We tell you, you are in the most exciting of times. Your Earth has new energies entering the human realm more rapidly now then ever. Most notable are the indigo and crystal energies of the 80s through 2010 and beyond. The rainbow energies of a fading generation are scheduled to now make appearances into this new arena as new energies. Some have already began to "show up”. If you have eyes to see, they will appear as a combination of pink and red energy. They may be referred to as "Strawberry Energies”. What is so special of these energies is, they are here to push the envelope beyond what is and what has been! They are problem solvers, analyst extraordinary, and highly intelligent. They are also part and purpose of the doubling of your human world population. Within the next 100 of your years there will be more advancements in every phase of human development, physically, spiritually, and mentally, than has happened in all times up until now. You will begin to see super athletes with abilities never before witnessed. There will be those of grand inventiveness and knowledge bordering upon what you would now consider as genius. There will be great strides in medical knowledge, spiritual communication, and philosophy. Your DNA will give up clues and its secrets of structure and changeability. Expect new and additional DNA "strands", longer extensions of life, and the elimination of most "age related" disabilities and diseases. Oh, and by the way, expect to see reds as the dominant hair colors of these with strawberry energies. The results from your industrial revolution will be up for review and revision to correct and realign with new purpose and higher intent. So you will see many changes in your physical world. On the religious front, expect many new teachers and teaching that reach into the spirit realm and touch softly into the Soul levels. If you have lost a "rainbow energy friend", do not grieve so deeply. They have purposely left early so they would be early arrivals into the new areas of "Strawberries”. Now, do not feel as if you are left out of this new world because you were here prior to 2012. You are the pioneers, the stage setters, and the light holders for all to come! While the new "Strawberries" are intelligent, still they will need your guidance, your help, otherwise their intelligence may lead them into potential negative creations. There are things you must do to aid the new arrivals and we have suggested a few of these, but you are the creators of tomorrow and you will improvise most magnificently, Yes? 2012 was you creation, your vision, and your baby! Please handle it with the loving care of a most proud parent. We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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