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The New Strawberry Energy

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Sep 21 2013 06:46AM

Are you one of the fading energies of today? If you were born in the 1940 or later then there is a good chance you are of this we call "Rainbow Energies". It is still the dominant force on the Earth and those with these energies are destined to return as the new "Strawberry Energies". Much has been made of the Indigo and the Crystal energies of late and it is not our intent to belittle their valuable contributions to the shifts in consciousness. The Indigos have demonstrated focus, grand imaginative problem solving, and brilliant inventive creations. Their presences have impacted the mass consciousness with new possibilities for humanity abilities as never before. While these beautiful Crystals have demonstrated what it is to be self-assured, knowing they are worthy of all things this world has to offer them. They have impacted the mass consciousness with the awareness that all beings are the exclusive directors of their scared life with God experiencing through them. However, it is you of Rainbow energies that have imagined change and set the stage for changes of the 2012 shift as opposed to the believing in the prophesized termination of all humanity. It is Rainbows who have brought forth the computers, the Internet, the cell phones, the information age, the beginnings of solar energies, and new awareness and allowances for personal freedoms. It is your returning as Strawberries that will complete the destined new world. The future holds a world filled with the entrepreneur spirit. Computer will command the homes and machines of tomorrow, allowing personal ownership of businesses as never possible before. The slavery mentality of the long past will give way to a new sense of ability to direct one's own life. "Employee" will be a position of the past as machines take over the drudgery and routine of boring production. Most will be more of an independent contractor selling their own wares and abilities. This in turn will inspire new imaginations and products. Telepathic communication with each other will advance and visual communications with machines are to be some of the new technologies especially in automobile and aircraft. Efficient solar cells and high output batteries will change the dependence on large electrical and gas companies for your home and automobiles. Solar cars are the future of land base transportation. Surveillance cameras with large storage abilities, are everywhere inside and outside the residence, so if you are comfortable with this it is something alike to your own reality TV show of today except you control the inside personal information and have a permanent record of life that is a detailed replacement for family pictures. Continuous education is a way of life for most as jobs are replaced with more personal free time. And again, inappropriate ways of doing business will be up for review and change to ways of support for that which is best long term as opposed to short-term gains with damage to the natural environment. Family housing will become the norm and will be more of a collection of compact apartments as more family members chose to stay in their parent’s expanding home.

So we are here to honor and congratulate the Rainbows and send you a special welcome to your future as Strawberries! You, dear ones, contain the proposal of and the light for the future! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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