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The Oneness Of Everything

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 29 2013 02:40AM

Within everything there is a oneness, a connection of consciousness, a kindred to all things. Everything, everyone, was created from this one source, this one consciousness, this intelligence. We tell you this because it is time for your knowingness, a time to contemplate change, a time to correct your direction and your expressions of compassion and love as human beings. So now, if you will please allow, we propose an experience in consciousness for your information and greater awareness. May we have you identify with your right hand or your left hand? Can you become the hand? See you open and close it and feel the process of movement? Can you be the consciousness of the hand for a special moment and feel what it is like to be the hand? Please take a moment and try. Notice how the fingers curl in different ways to hold something. Feel the heartbeat as the life's blood flows through the tip of the smallest finger. Now, become aware that the hands are not alike to any other part of your body. They are unique and yet they are connected to your consciousness, your very beingness, Yes? Now, we propose - If you were created from pure consciousness, would not you and every creation that sprang forth from this original master consciousness have a connection also? And what if all you had to do to realize this connection was little different then the mind to hand connection you hopefully have just experienced? Now, suppose for a moment that you are not alone, not isolated and separate from the whole of creation. One of your closest connections is the family you came in with. Identify with anyone of these. Notice their feelings, the emotions, the concerns, even the health issues of this one. It may be vague at first but perhaps only because you have not been concerned enough to touch another's emotional body, to care and love another this much. Yes, we know, you have a very busy life and precious little time for others, Yes? You are in a time and space where your foods come from fast food establishments and the super market, your clothes from a department store, and your own sense of value is based upon the amount of monies you "earn", your autos, and your homes. You have forgotten how to grow foods or make your own clothes as your parents and grandparents did. Have you, dear ones, become trustees and believers of a false sense of the true values of life? Do you have the illusion of lack, of separation, and fear of failure to support yourself! Are you one who lives to consume products for your interest only, believing this is the purpose of life, of living? You have these sayings -"He who dies with the most toys wins". "More is always better", "Get it while you can". We propose all this is an unnatural way to live! Could you exist if there were no longer super markets or department stores? What if your governments went away? Are you polluting and killing Mother Earth, the very system that supports you? And what of all the wars and battles that your country is involved in? Your grandparents were much more caring and self-reliant. They valued family, friends, and most of humanity. They were more generous and willing to help each other. They reached out and "felt it" when someone was having difficulties. They connected, they loved and supported each other. It was not as selfish or disconnected as it is in your day with your lack of quite time. The world is destined to change! Your world’s abilities to produce foods and clothing more efficiently, manufacture products to make life easier, are all good things. They are sharing based. These things you will take with you into the future. But without love and caring, the human race will grow more fearful and destructive, more selfish and intolerant. Be the change you wish to see in the world! No one should be hungry and homeless! No one should suffer pennyless and be destitute. How shall you reach out and touch another? Because you are here, you are to be a part of this grand new oneness. How shall you "EXPRESS IT, LOVE IT, BE IT"?

We Are; Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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