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The "Other Dimension"

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 30 2013 03:32AM

What if there was another dimension that you could access, create from, and be of? What if it was hinted to exist and yet no one told you of it directly? Some have called it “The Eithers, The Causal Plane, The Higher Self, Soul’s Consciousness, God Consciousness”, among other things. But have they explained it so you really know of what they refer to? We suggest that most who speak of this do not know and have little understanding of the scope and extent of which they speak. Your scientist propose there are other dimensional realities, however they have not been able to prove they exist except in their theories.

It is because you have asked that we present to you, an understanding from a more expanded point of viewing. You exist in a very physical realm or dimension. Everything you perceive is taken from the limited 5 senses of the human body, yes? If there is anything that exist beyond this you have difficulty in accepting as real. So allow us to explain it thusly. Your physical senses pick up and observe movement, vibrations, energy flowing. However it is limited in range and abilities and you perceive only some of this which exist upon this material realm. And so you are believing that this is all there is? What if, like your hearing, there is an extended ranges of sound, extended ranges of light vibrations, extended ranges of smells sensations, and even extend ranges of taste and touch? We propose there are vibrations well beyond what your physical senses suggest. Now, with this probability in mind, we suggest there is a mental or conscious part of you that indeed, has access to those unseen movements of energy. It is the “Other Dimension” or the “Other Part” of you. It is not separate or apart from you. It is the “Creative You”, the real you, the completed you! When you dream at night, you leave the physical body behind and exist here. Then at some point in time you reawaken the body and resume your physical experiences and expressions. When you meditate, contemplate, even as you wrestle with your problems mentally, you are here! It is as real and active as are you in the physical. So in a very real sense, it is you but an extended and expanded part of you! Now when you choose to leave the physical plane or as you say; “Die”, you choose not to reawaken the physical body as you have forever done in your dreams that lifetime. But still you exist, even as you had before, only the physical element is missing. You have chosen to give up the current physical experience for reason of your own.

So, here is your gift. With this greater awareness you will be able to step across dimensional boundaries at will, just as Jesus has done as he healed and resurrected the physical body. You shall have the awareness and ability to access the physical template that you had constructed of you, by you, and heal your illnesses and disabilities. You will also discover that you are of this greater intelligence and to access it is to but perceive the questions. Now what is beyond this? There are already those who travel between dimensions at will. These that are space crafts and beings from afar, do this. These that you perceive as angelic being, guardian angels, even your ancestors, occasionally manifest upon this, your physical plane. This is not some unfulfilled longing or imaginings of lost humans to communicate with those on the “other side”, as you exist there also even as you do in this physical body. Everyone has these dimensional connections but few are aware. So, does this solve all your problems? No, but hopefully, it give you the tools and new abilities with which to work! We wish you fuller awareness and swift mastery of loving it all. We are; Alexander

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