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The Scheme Of Things Earthly

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 22 2014 06:36AM

Your born into this forever changing world. Nothing you might remember from before will be the same as before. So, being the brave soul that you are, you decide to accept the new challenges and do the best you can. The years will roll slowly by as you experience infancies, childhood, the teenage years, and finally into the prime of your physical life. Love is the greatest challenge that you will have faced so far. You may have created a family of your own or not, but you are about to discover more about yourself than you have ever know before. You now stand fully empowered to direct your path in this lifetime, to observe your emotional responses, and to choose the person you wish to be! Now, as you approach your 30 year review, all the ill advised and questionable decisions you have made up until now must be dealt with and attempt to resolve. These and the balance of your love experiences up until now will rule most of the next 30 years of your Earthly life. So where are you along your path, how are you doing with this study of you? The years from 30 to 60 are your most creative years, both mentally and on the physical plane. This is the time of your legacy creation, the essence of you that you shall leave behind with family, friends, and perhaps the whole of the world. As you approach 60 of your years or your 2nd Saturn Return, time now seems to speed up, to run away unfulfilled. Your physical mortality enter into your awareness and the whole of this lifetime, its purpose, its designs, and how it is playing out, becomes a major concern. Who am I, what should I have done, am I an eternal being or is this the end of it all? Have I done all I intended or is there still unfinished business here? All the questions you believe are unanswerable are answered to your heart’s desire, when you finally decide to leave this plane of existence, to lay the body down, to step aside once again into your true beingness. This, we tell you, the willingness to lay the body down, is the key to a peaceful transition, the willingness to let go of this physical plane and know that there is existence beyond it. This that you are, the very essence of you, survives intact. Your personality, your consciousness, how you think, your likes and dislikes, are all with you. What is different is that the heavy body is no longer a part of you, and yet you have a body of energy that is as a ghostly image of the old body. Unto this image, you can think it to be as you wish, young, old, beautiful, handsome, energetic, however you “see” yourself. We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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