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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 14 2013 06:35AM

Everyone has his or her own perception of what is and is not true, what can and cannot be truth. Truth is as the changing wind, always in flux. It changes as one acquires and believes new ideas and information. We tell you, truth is never, ever, written as in stone. At one time the whole of your world was believed to be flat, the Earth was considered the center of the Universe, and your Sun revolved around the Earth! Now you have evidence that it is not so, however at the time those accepted beliefs were considered truths, yes? So we would ask of you, which is more important, beliefs or uncertain but accepted truths. Are they not one and the same? They are the foundations upon which you build your realities. They are put forth as proposals, imaginations, and possibilities. But most importantly, they give you a basis upon which to prove or disapprove your theories. So, may we suggest, treat "truth" as lightly and as changeable as the unseen winds of spring. It is only in the willingness to give them up that new evolving truths are found. We realize that many "seekers of truth" may spend the whole of a lifetime trying to find the final truths among all the possible scenarios. Of what use is this folly? As soon as you have arrived at a "truth", it is always subject to challenge and potential change! Then if your truths are unproven they become as a house of cards in the winds of time. What you are left with is the fallen foundation of your accepted reality, leaving you without any sense of direction or knowingness. And then, dear one, all your hard work and desperate seeking is for not! We suggest to you, you are here to change; truths are as changeable as are you. The world as you know it, is in change as never before, and it is mostly within the minds, with the unseen, and with the unproven. It is here that your accepted truths will be subject to challenges, alterations, and expansions. You are within the whirlwinds of spiritual, religious, and mental revolutions. You are about to discover now powerful your mental and emotional creations are! These proposals and imaginations shall affect and change the future truths of all of humanity. How will you allow your now beliefs to evolve? We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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