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What Shall Be Your Legacy? (part 1)

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Oct 5 2014 05:49AM

What will be your Legacy when you leave this plane? What will you be remembered for or will you be remembered? Will it be for some material things you’ve done or things accomplished, who you been, or perhaps what you’ve done to improve this human experience? If you are like most, the idea of having a Legacy or leaving something of importance behind is not within your intent, interest, or awareness. So you go through life believing you will be here for a long extended time yet , Yes? Perhaps you are believing there is nothing to do, no plans to make, nothing to propose or accomplished? But is there?

Might we suggest, by the time you have reached your first Saturn Return or around 30 years of age, you already have a Legacy well underway, even if you do not recognize it. From this point in time you will build upon this vague awareness, adjust its presentation, and become that energy. It is somewhat similar to saving for your retirement in that you are building a continuing Legacy for your leaving. Now, if your perception of a Legacy is that it has to be a standout, above and beyond normalcy, an extraordinary feat. Does it have to be? It is your created Legacy, it is important to you, it is your staring role. You will spend the whole of your lifetime, all of your energy, building this Legacy! By the time your 2nd Saturn Return occurs, or around your 60th year, your Legacy is pretty much set and awaiting your approval or disapproval. Do you like who you have become, what you’ve done? Is it adjustment time? What could you do to leave a more loving legacy?

So, are you leaving a legacy to or for someone? Is there something special being you are gifting to another? Is this what this is all about? Well, maybe somewhat, but there is much, much, more happening here! Do you not know you are the main recipient? This is all about you and all for you! Other will take what works for them, what they find of your Legacy to benefit their own journey. Again we must tell you this, you are an eternal being who reincarnates life after lifetime. Each lifetime is an evolving Legacy, your legacy, paid forward. It is a Legacy being built upon a previous one. Who and what you are evolves with each lifetime. You take the good and bad from each lifetime and play it out in the next life with the desires and hopes to gain wisdom from your new experiences. And it is all guided and recorded by your higher consciousness.

So now, what becomes of this Legacy of yours, what is to be your destiny? Might we say it grows, evolves, and continues on and on, with each new lifetime. Each loving act is rewarded and paid forward. At some time and space you will have arrived at a point where your continuing Legacy and your growth comes fully visible to your conscious awareness. It is to be your story, your history, as you master this plane. And perhaps you will look back through all your lives and experiences, and acknowledge your paths as beautiful much as if you are reading a most delightful book. We are Alexander

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