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Where Consciousness Resides

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 1 2014 02:23AM

You exist so you must have a consciousness, an awareness of being, yes? So where does your consciousness reside? Is it within the physical brain or is it within all the cells that make up the entire physical body? Indeed, is consciousness a physical thing or can it exist upon different planes other than the material one? Is spirit a separate consciousness? Is super consciousness or God consciousness separate and apart from the human one? Have you chosen one of the above and it works for you? If so, then we say to you, Well and good. But isn’t it better to be always open to other possibility?

What we are proposing for your consideration is something quite different. Now, what if the major amount of this consciousness, your very beingness, exist in the space that is your physical body and closely surrounds your body. What if it creates an energy field and it extends outward approximately 4 feet in all direction? This, we propose, is where your consciousness resides while you are incarnated within the human vehicle. It is here you are given physical life, cell reproduction, experiences, intelligence, and your own creations. Take away this consciousness, the life force, and you will cease to exist upon the physical plane very shortly. But the totality of this consciousness is not confined to the human body as your consciousness actually extends throughout the whole of the Universe. However, being of the human experience require focus, management of your experiences, your health, your intellectual growth, as well as your evolvement. So herein lies a major amount of your energy and consciousness. It is not separate or apart from the “human conscious” but it is all integrated into one. Who and what you are as the human consciousness, you are that also as an eternal constantly evolving being.

Physical life gives each one new growth experiences and it differs with age, health, intent and issues. The human experience consist of 7 to 10 year cycles which allows for changing views of life and its purpose. It is here in, the consciousness gains different perspectives in this study of itself. This presents grand growth potential as no other does!

OK, so where does consciousness reside when you are not incarnated, or without the physical body? Does it exist or you exist? Might we suggest it is still you, still operable as before, but it goes where you focus, where you choose. After being confined within a relative small physical body, one of your first experiences may well be one of expansion, feeling and being the surrounding that you were impressed with while “alive”. Most are so enamored with physical human life that this becomes the focus to reincarnate, the desire to return to friends, experiences, dramas, and love! So you see, you are consciousness first and foremost. Everything else is your creations, your add ons

What we like to suggest is that you are separate consciousness each, and yet you are part of a greater consciousness, a God consciousness, or as you might say “Mass Consciousness. It is this individual consciousness experience that allows your growth, your interactions with each other in the quest for love, allowance, and greater understanding. As you grow and evolve you will discover that you are not separate after all, but an integral part of everyone and everything, of all consciousness! We are Alexander

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