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Winds Of Change

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jul 13 2014 05:38AM

Like no other time and place in all the history of the whole of the world has there been so many changes about to happen! These changes will alter how your world exist and operates. It is post 2012 and these changes are destined to happen. If you think nothing is happening, observe the following. Your energy systems are evolving to become more affordable and efficient. Tesla's ideas and experiences are the new waves of energies. Your audio and video are in for revolutions and changes. Your computers are entering size and design changes. New operation systems are already underway. Your TV will become more interactive, and will allow you to have more of a say in what you want to watch. Your movies and TV will have new technology that more closely resembles the actual unseen energies around all things. These have the ability to open that awareness to all who never experienced such wonder before! Your internet or web will become a major form of entertainment as individual visual experience shall compete with movies as the ease of technology and new abilities even the playing field. So not only are there changes in technology but you too are in for change and evolvement internally, spiritually, and emotionally. Internally you will evolve to a better realization of oneness with all things and as such there will be sharing of information from all forms instead of the isolation you now exist within. Spiritually you will step closer to the sacredness of all things in awareness of being part of a greater intelligence. Emotionally, oh yes your emotions. They are what rules your world, even the ones you do not want. They are your creative abilities without which nothing of purpose would get done. Yet your new awareness of this which you are, shall allow more compassionate emotions, more aligned with your true desires and wishes. Gone shall be your selfish creations and fears of lack. Change is afoot. Will you be one to embrace this new world? There is a belief that you are only here to learn from your negative experiences but we tell you, you are here to learn from the positive ones much more as you evolve! How will you be in this wind of change? We are Alexander

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