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Your Presences

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 10 2013 06:17AM

Your presence, the total presences of you, is a wonder and honor to behold! We tell you this in all sincerity and because you seem to have forgotten the magnificents of you . You look into your mirrors and look only for flaws. Maybe the eyes are not quite right, the nose is a little crooked, the teeth are not white or straight enough, new wrinkles seem to have appeared overnight making you older. Maybe the smile doesn’t look as it should if you were really having fun. Notice how critical you are of you, the most important person you will ever know? And yet we tell you, there is this mask you wear. This is who you show to the world, believing that this is how everyone sees you. Yet you can see beyond the mask of others, especially if you look through the eyes of love. For it is then, you look upon the Soul of that person, the total personality, “The Presences”. True beauty is always more than skin deep. Is this not the way you say it? May we suggest that when you look into your mirrors, look longer and deeper. Spend a few moments loving and appreciating who you are and do not be so judgmental as to how you look. We think you will then love yourself more, you will stand taller and straighter as you project a greater Presences. You will look others squarely in the eyes and smile a sincere and happy smile. Have you noticed when you look upon others with love and kindness, you can not dislike yourself! We think you will find your frowns and perceived flaws will disappear and be replaced with character and poise of much greater beauty.

Now, recognize that if you can not see this Grand Presences in you, then others will not see it either! So we invite you to enter a chosen state of mind, a “Presences of Mind”! Let go of who you think you are. How do you wish to see yourself, how do you wish to be? There is nothing or no one who dictates this to you, allows or disallows who you choose to be. This has nothing to do with abilities, looks, age, color, creed or what you are doing! It is all about you honoring and accepting the worthiness of you. You are the only one of you, a most unique expression of God, the Original Creator! You and you along express who and what you are being here. There is no one else in the whole of the world who does as you, or is as you! Why would you, why should you, be anything less than this magnificence?

Look into your magic mirrors each morning and say to yourself, “I love You”. It honor you greatly and you will find yourself growing, evolving, doing what you would most like to do, as opposed to what others tell you, you should do or be doing! Please believe us when we tell you, you are “on track” and your destiny stretches out bountifully before you! We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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