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Your Spiritual Path

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Dec 7 2013 08:00AM

You, people of my heart, are each and everyone, upon your own unique “Spiritual Journey”. Just as we Native Americans had our “Vision quest” for the young men as they came of age, so too are you destined to be seekers of your own spiritual awareness. However, now it is for all genders and ages, not just for the young braves of your villages. It is for all to recognize and observe this spiritual relevance at some point of their passage in this, their lifetime! This as channeled from Spotted Eagle.

Now if this is so, and we believe it to be, how would you observe and know of your own Spiritual Voyage? We propose to you, that your life, your very existence, is of a grand spiritual venue. It can be nothing less! This that makes it to you, a Spiritual Voyage, is the awareness that everything, EVERYTHING, that is happening is of this voyage. Just as Native Americans had their intense “Vision Quest” where everything that occurred had meaning, purpose, and gave awareness and directions for their future, so it is happening for you now if you are willing to observe. It is only by observing that you may see things of your Higher Self or God Consciousness being manifest to show you sign posts and revelations along your own spiritual path.

This is not some new idea or philosophy, it has been around for thousand of years. In the times of Greek philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and others, it was associated with the immortal words; “Know Thyself”. This was a statement that sparked many lively debates as to its true meaning. But even then, the consensus was that it was indeed a way to observe and learn of one’s self by the things that were experienced on both inner and outer levels. It has always been a gift of great value, as it is given in your meditation and contemplations.

It is most unfortunate that in this, your time and space, most are caught up in the frantic quest of finical success to the point that all other paths are rarely followed. Some one has said; “Most live their lives in quite desperation”. We propose, The cause of these feeling are the lack of awareness of their internal intent to fully experience and know of their own Spiritual Voyage. But even within this, your Spiritual Voyage is still being manifested around you and for you. It is within how you feel about your life. It is in your emotions. It is even manifested within your dreams and meditations. It is visible in your world as it happens around you. It is portrayed in your daydreams and displayed in your imaginations. If you wish to access it, try assigning meaning and purpose to your experiencings. With repeated efforts, it will progressively show patterns and give direction to and for your understanding, even as the sun rises anew each day. It is a process of discovering one’s self and loving and honoring this that you find. It is what you are here to do. We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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