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Your infinite Spiritual Conection

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 9 2014 07:51AM

We tell you, you are psychic and it is only because if we tell you, you are "Spiritual" you do not comprehend this of which we speak. Yet "Spiritual" is a much more appropriate discription of your gifts. To be truely "Spiritual", is to recognize that indeed you are connected to the "other side" as you would understand it. It is a grand thing to accept this as it is accepting psychic abilities, mediumship awareness, creative abilities, influences of love, the bigger picture of humanity and evolvement, and many others of non-human awareness. It is an unlimited field of abilities as it is is limited only by your imaginations. You are first and foremost consciousness, thinkers, creators by your thoughts. You are each and every one, Gods in creation! You have taken on this human body to experience and evolve with those experiences. The difficulty is that most have lost themselves in the experiencing, believing things are happening to them and are independant of their own thoughts and believes. They think themselves to be most impotent creators, not seeing that their perceived negative experiences are their own grand creations of their doubts and worries of failure. It is not our intent to tell you how to create here. We wish rather to reconnect you with a greater awareness of your Infinite Spiritual Connection. So, you will look around your physical world and say there are limits to your abilities and those are the same for all other's abilities. We tell you, you are limiting the future by what you are observing now and remembrances from your past. Be unlimited. Believe not what your eyes tell you! They observe the past not the future. The future is only in the imaginations of creators, of the likes of you! Step back and observe your world. See your thoughts in action, your believes in motion, your desires in creation! Now your biggest challenge is to hold to postive thoughts and to know what you think with emotional desires is already in motion even before you have completed the thought. We wish to inform you, most thoughts are emotional in nature and only some have a physical manifestation. By observing you become thoughtful creators of what you put forth. We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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