• Influences To Who You Become

    Each one grows and evolves by how they experience life. If your experiences of life have been ones of enjoyment and allowances, then that is how you will be as a person, as an outlook, as your perspective. This is how you expect and make life to be for you. It is your creation, your world. But there are other influences besides and in addition to these. From the time you were a very small child and even up until now, you are influenced by certain individuals that are rather iconic in your world for what they have meant to you. Perhaps it has been a parent, a special uncle or aunt, or a close friend. Maybe it was a famous athlete, a singer, an actor, or some person of fame. But you decide what those persons represent to you as a perfect example of being, of living a life most fulfilling. These then, become your guidelines of how you decide to be or become. If, for instant, you are an Elvis fan then you may be influenced by not just his singing abilities but also how you perceive him as a person. What he says, does, and how he acts, is not just a permission for you to do and be that way, but it also becomes an awareness of this is how you should be. You will most likely pick up good and bad habit from every one you chose to emulate to become you. So this time and place you have chosen to incarnate into the physical has a great bearing on how you will become. This we tell you was your choice and it holds the greatest possibilities for your growth and evolvement!

    Those things you may already be in awareness of, but what we wish to inform you of is that even these are related to your past life experiences. The reasons you are attracted to certain personalities types is because you have experienced most of these before. Just as you are attracted to a person as your love interest, there has been a similar personality experiences from another life. You seek it out in this lifetime because of love, jealousies, good or bad relationships. It is unfinished business, something that you wish to come to satisfactory terms with, so that your life isn’t unbalanced by this. As you grow and evolve you will find that you are to be sovereign, the captain of your own ship, the ruler of your own creations. It is not about ruling over or controlling others. It is just the opposite in that it is about allowances for others to be as they are. When you have arrived at this state of awareness you will find that you can love even more intensely without loosing sight of who you are.

    So your influences are forever and ongoing. It is past life to present life to future lifetimes. It is about becoming a master over this plan of existence. Look around and you may discover that even you may have grand influences upon those you know! We are Alexander

  • Is Life Drama?

    Human life is a step into excitement, enjoyment, passion, and yes, drama. It is the addiction that pulls you back here again and again! We do not say it is a bad thing. Indeed, it is here you will learn and grow by observing yourself and the seemingly chaotic world around you. It is here you learn love, independence, and self- awareness, from your experiences. So to you, we say, “Welcome back”.

    We propose to take you upon a trip of remembrance, a trip back into the past of this lifetime. Life is rarely quiet, and without the dramas and passions of your emotions. This is especially so of the early years, years before you begin to discover who you are once again. See if you remember these. The first will be your birth, but this remembrance quickly vanishes as you struggle to deal with this new body and a strange new world. By observe others as they enter and you will find yourself being pulled emotionally and empathically back into your own birth experience. And yet, it is from the drama of the pain and this surrounding strange world you remember the feeling of being loved, touched, and admired by your new parents. Life becomes a drama of being feed, cared for, and loved, hopefully as your first experience. Later you will discover life is a competition filled with conflicts. From the time you enter school, through all your relationship, and your first love, dramas, conflicts, competition, and uncertainty, are your constant companions. And yet through all this you are to discover you have the ability to direct your world somewhat and to even enjoy life itself. High school completions leaves you with bigger decisions you must make and take responsibility for them. College, job, marriage, what you will do with the rest of your life, are all filled with the dramas of conflicts and competition that effect your decisions. By the time you have turned 20, some of you may have looked forward and decide that “life” is over for those who have reached the ripe old age of 30. What you see ahead are those who have locked themselves into commitments of raising a family with a mortgage on a house and other debts leaving precious little time for living the full “life”. And now as you approach 30, you will also look back in doubt, wondering if you have made the right decisions. The world will seem to be closing in as you realize you can’t go back and change your direction, your commitments. It now becomes a crisis as you have the drama of trying to discover who you want to be and to change where your life is heading. The following years are growth years, discovering years, empowerment times, while you discover you are the only director of your life and your world. At around the big 6 0, you will have another review of your past doings only to discover it is too late to initiate change. From this time on you will either accept who and what you have become and be more philosophical about life or you will be a bitter old person, believing you have been the victim of a misspent life of which you had little or no control. We are Alexander

  • Where Consciousness Resides

    You exist so you must have a consciousness, an awareness of being, yes? So where does your consciousness reside? Is it within the physical brain or is it within all the cells that make up the entire physical body? Indeed, is consciousness a physical thing or can it exist upon different planes other than the material one? Is spirit a separate consciousness? Is super consciousness or God consciousness separate and apart from the human one? Have you chosen one of the above and it works for you? If so, then we say to you, Well and good. But isn’t it better to be always open to other possibility?

    What we are proposing for your consideration is something quite different. Now, what if the major amount of this consciousness, your very beingness, exist in the space that is your physical body and closely surrounds your body. What if it creates an energy field and it extends outward approximately 4 feet in all direction? This, we propose, is where your consciousness resides while you are incarnated within the human vehicle. It is here you are given physical life, cell reproduction, experiences, intelligence, and your own creations. Take away this consciousness, the life force, and you will cease to exist upon the physical plane very shortly. But the totality of this consciousness is not confined to the human body as your consciousness actually extends throughout the whole of the Universe. However, being of the human experience require focus, management of your experiences, your health, your intellectual growth, as well as your evolvement. So herein lies a major amount of your energy and consciousness. It is not separate or apart from the “human conscious” but it is all integrated into one. Who and what you are as the human consciousness, you are that also as an eternal constantly evolving being.

    Physical life gives each one new growth experiences and it differs with age, health, intent and issues. The human experience consist of 7 to 10 year cycles which allows for changing views of life and its purpose. It is here in, the consciousness gains different perspectives in this study of itself. This presents grand growth potential as no other does!

    OK, so where does consciousness reside when you are not incarnated, or without the physical body? Does it exist or you exist? Might we suggest it is still you, still operable as before, but it goes where you focus, where you choose. After being confined within a relative small physical body, one of your first experiences may well be one of expansion, feeling and being the surrounding that you were impressed with while “alive”. Most are so enamored with physical human life that this becomes the focus to reincarnate, the desire to return to friends, experiences, dramas, and love! So you see, you are consciousness first and foremost. Everything else is your creations, your add ons

    What we like to suggest is that you are separate consciousness each, and yet you are part of a greater consciousness, a God consciousness, or as you might say “Mass Consciousness. It is this individual consciousness experience that allows your growth, your interactions with each other in the quest for love, allowance, and greater understanding. As you grow and evolve you will discover that you are not separate after all, but an integral part of everyone and everything, of all consciousness! We are Alexander

  • The Scheme Of Things Earthly

    Your born into this forever changing world. Nothing you might remember from before will be the same as before. So, being the brave soul that you are, you decide to accept the new challenges and do the best you can. The years will roll slowly by as you experience infancies, childhood, the teenage years, and finally into the prime of your physical life. Love is the greatest challenge that you will have faced so far. You may have created a family of your own or not, but you are about to discover more about yourself than you have ever know before. You now stand fully empowered to direct your path in this lifetime, to observe your emotional responses, and to choose the person you wish to be! Now, as you approach your 30 year review, all the ill advised and questionable decisions you have made up until now must be dealt with and attempt to resolve. These and the balance of your love experiences up until now will rule most of the next 30 years of your Earthly life. So where are you along your path, how are you doing with this study of you? The years from 30 to 60 are your most creative years, both mentally and on the physical plane. This is the time of your legacy creation, the essence of you that you shall leave behind with family, friends, and perhaps the whole of the world. As you approach 60 of your years or your 2nd Saturn Return, time now seems to speed up, to run away unfulfilled. Your physical mortality enter into your awareness and the whole of this lifetime, its purpose, its designs, and how it is playing out, becomes a major concern. Who am I, what should I have done, am I an eternal being or is this the end of it all? Have I done all I intended or is there still unfinished business here? All the questions you believe are unanswerable are answered to your heart’s desire, when you finally decide to leave this plane of existence, to lay the body down, to step aside once again into your true beingness. This, we tell you, the willingness to lay the body down, is the key to a peaceful transition, the willingness to let go of this physical plane and know that there is existence beyond it. This that you are, the very essence of you, survives intact. Your personality, your consciousness, how you think, your likes and dislikes, are all with you. What is different is that the heavy body is no longer a part of you, and yet you have a body of energy that is as a ghostly image of the old body. Unto this image, you can think it to be as you wish, young, old, beautiful, handsome, energetic, however you “see” yourself. We are Alexander

  • Emotional Beings

    We are all emotional being! It is who we are, what we do, how we act and react. If you are involved in metaphysics you will perhaps have heard that we are body, mind, and spirit, yes? Even if you take each part individually, the same holds true of that state of being. The mind is your thinking, your desires, your logic, and yet it operates fully integrated with your emotions. If you desire something, someone, or even answers to your questions, it will be given to you based upon your emotions. If you believe you can’t have the things of your desires or you are not worthy of them, then that shall be the answer to your desires. Believing the person of your desires is beyond your capability to attract will also end your chances of it happening. The burning questions you have and want answers to is given entirely how your emotional state is upon the subject. OK, so what of the body? Indeed, how could the body possible be emotional? What if the body’s action and reaction where based upon pain or pleasure? Then would not the pain create an emotion that you would choose not to follow, while with pleasurable body experiences you would wish to recreate those? And then there is the spiritual body or the essence of you, that part which is always evolving to a higher state of self awareness. Surely you will believe it is without emotional sway, yes? But again the driving force is your emotions. It like the others, is driven by emotions, seeking to be a better being or believing it is not worthy of such grandeur as the limitations as sinners are expressed in some of your holy books. What if you were without a physical body, just a form of consciousness? How then would emotions exist without a body? Even this that is termed as reincarnation is an act of emotional creation within the spiritual realms. May we suggest that even pure consciousness is ruled by the emotions, the things you want and do not want. However you choose to analyze this that you are, however you choose to break it down, emotions still rule your world, your creation, and your reality.

    For most beings, emotions are not a choice but rather a reaction to a stimulus. We have an experience and decide almost as an after thought if it was good, bad, or somewhere in between, for us. If however, you choose to observe yourself and how you feel about your experiences you will have a greater ability to select your desired emotions and hence your creations! A state of Love goes much beyond this even. Love all your experiences as growth probabilities, and you have preselected your emotions. That is why you are here, it is who you are, it is why you exist!

    We are Alexander


We Are: Alexander


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