• Is Your Legacy Expanding Now? (part 2)

    Lifetime after lifetime your challenge has been to change your world, to create a continuing loving Legacy. Now is the time as never before. It is not some un-manifested mental longings but it has to be an actual change you create upon the physical plan that effects not just you, but everyone in your society. Never before have you, as part of this mass human consciousness, brought it to such a high awareness of justice, equality and equal rights, fair treatment, and a strong sense of community. Most of this has evolved within the last 75 to 100 years. While its beginning energies are as ancient as wars and battles of old, your Civil War, civil rights protest, women’s right to vote, equal rights, and even your ability to protest your government’s battles and wrong doings, are the things that now have created a fast evolving society. Notice if you will, these are presented on a large scale by your mass media and never before have you had such instant information to aid your decision making. So, recognize that your electronic, TV, radio, computers, etc., happen in this time and space because you are ready for it. We have stated that it is a time of evolvement as never before in all of your collective history. It is time for giant steps, leaps and bonds, in your legacy and it isn’t over yet, it has just begun! You came in to love it, are you enjoying the run?

    Now do you believe there is nothing happening, nothing is in change? Can you not see that everything always happens for a reason, everything serves a purpose? The things once judged as wrong or inappropriate are now the gifts that allow you to change your awareness to a greater sense of what is just, loving, and compassionate. But it is also a time for caution in that it is possible to get caught up within the dramas and emotions of change and lose sight of loving it. It is all part and parcel of evolving to loving everything and seeing it all through eyes of love! It is an opportunity as never before to aid your living Legacy in this lifetime as well as all human Legacies. You are as close to mastery of this plane as you are to loving it all. Recognize you are in this time and space because you are supposed to be! You are here to effect the larger mass consciousness and also to be influenced by it. Just as a drop of water becomes one with the ocean and its influences, so it is with you and the evolvement of humanity consciousness! We are Alexander

  • What Shall Be Your Legacy? (part 1)

    What will be your Legacy when you leave this plane? What will you be remembered for or will you be remembered? Will it be for some material things you’ve done or things accomplished, who you been, or perhaps what you’ve done to improve this human experience? If you are like most, the idea of having a Legacy or leaving something of importance behind is not within your intent, interest, or awareness. So you go through life believing you will be here for a long extended time yet , Yes? Perhaps you are believing there is nothing to do, no plans to make, nothing to propose or accomplished? But is there?

    Might we suggest, by the time you have reached your first Saturn Return or around 30 years of age, you already have a Legacy well underway, even if you do not recognize it. From this point in time you will build upon this vague awareness, adjust its presentation, and become that energy. It is somewhat similar to saving for your retirement in that you are building a continuing Legacy for your leaving. Now, if your perception of a Legacy is that it has to be a standout, above and beyond normalcy, an extraordinary feat. Does it have to be? It is your created Legacy, it is important to you, it is your staring role. You will spend the whole of your lifetime, all of your energy, building this Legacy! By the time your 2nd Saturn Return occurs, or around your 60th year, your Legacy is pretty much set and awaiting your approval or disapproval. Do you like who you have become, what you’ve done? Is it adjustment time? What could you do to leave a more loving legacy?

    So, are you leaving a legacy to or for someone? Is there something special being you are gifting to another? Is this what this is all about? Well, maybe somewhat, but there is much, much, more happening here! Do you not know you are the main recipient? This is all about you and all for you! Other will take what works for them, what they find of your Legacy to benefit their own journey. Again we must tell you this, you are an eternal being who reincarnates life after lifetime. Each lifetime is an evolving Legacy, your legacy, paid forward. It is a Legacy being built upon a previous one. Who and what you are evolves with each lifetime. You take the good and bad from each lifetime and play it out in the next life with the desires and hopes to gain wisdom from your new experiences. And it is all guided and recorded by your higher consciousness.

    So now, what becomes of this Legacy of yours, what is to be your destiny? Might we say it grows, evolves, and continues on and on, with each new lifetime. Each loving act is rewarded and paid forward. At some time and space you will have arrived at a point where your continuing Legacy and your growth comes fully visible to your conscious awareness. It is to be your story, your history, as you master this plane. And perhaps you will look back through all your lives and experiences, and acknowledge your paths as beautiful much as if you are reading a most delightful book. We are Alexander

  • Creating Loving Energy

    Have you ever been in a room and have someone with exceptional energy entry the room? It could be a child, a young adult, a beautiful person, or just a happy person. Perhaps it is someone with a positive attitude or one with a loving presence. Maybe it is someone you know and care deeply about. All will have had these experiences at one time or another. So what make them so special or so exceptional? Why pay attention to these occurrences? Might we suggest it is about you and your own awareness, how you perceive what is happening, and how it effects you. It is because in that one moment in time and in that space, you may have been really awake, being highly alive, and truly aware of caring about others. You may have allowed your energies, your oneness, and your connections with all things, to reach out and expand beyond your normal routine awareness. In that special moment you have experience what is like to be an evolving being. You have strongly connected with your higher self, your greater consciousness. Unfortunately, most will loose that awareness believing it is outside themself. Now what if you could hold on to that feeling, that heighten awareness? What would your world, your reality, be like? What kind of person would you be? Indeed, how would you effect other people? Do you recognize this as loving energy, loving everyone and everything? Would you see the world and everything within it as in perfect evolvement, as life without any judgments?

    Could this be the first step in evolving to a higher plane of awareness? Is this what we are all destined for? Imagine a world were everyone made such impressions, not occasionally, but always. Imagine it to have no religious requirements, with no recognition or honors needed, without conflicts. What if all were here to love and appreciate each and every moment of life, to see each day as a beautiful gift?

    Now, is it so difficult to be always happy, to have a smile on your beautiful face? Can you see the joy and humor in life? Then dear one, you are there! It is not so much what you do, but how you feel about it! Love always takes care of itself, while dramas and judgments create their own unwanted personal experiences. Smile when clouds appear, laugh when conflicts show their false faces. Find calmness when the illusion of storms appear on the horizon. Everything happens for you. You are not ever the victim unless you agree to be so. You are creating this new world, your world! How do you choose it to be? We are; Alexander

  • Physical Life

    You are having a physical experience! So what is necessary to fulfill your purpose in this drama filled world into which you have decided to enter? What is important, what really matters? What give you life? Take a breath, breath into the lungs and notice the comfort feeling you are encounter. Now imagine if there were no oxygen or air mixture to fuel and feed the body. Missing this, you are gasping for breath and soon the body ceases to function. Water, food, air, are taken for granted until there is none, yes? And yet, most never give thanks or even a second thought for the basic fundamentals of physical life. Everyone seems to believe they are here to accomplish something special in life! We agree, but it is not as you believe! You are here to enjoy life, to grow to be calm and peaceful, to learn compassion, love, and help each other through your journeys, to love and appreciate the experiences. You are here to evolve as eternally growing consciousness! Beyond the basics and your evolving of consciousness, everything else is secondary. Your life experiences are but dramas to evolve you to your life purpose directives. It is not so much of what you do but rather how you emotionally feel about them!

    If this be so, then why do you not know this? How could you be here and not have a clue, a memory, or even an inkling of this? What if you have been brain washed, reprogramed, and brow beaten, by your society, your family, your schooling, and even your religions? What if you are a victim of the mass programing that wishes to enslave you, control you, and force you to believe this material world is the only reality? If you can be convinced that everything is accomplished by physical effort only, then what happens to the grand powers of creations of your positive consciousness? It, dear one, is still intact but for the most part, unused, dormant! To create you need to be able to visualize and establish a state of mind that accepts and knows only that reality. The power is within you waiting for you to acknowledge it, to use it!

    Want to go beyond the limitations the physical world? Want to connect with your higher self, your higher consciousness? Might we suggest it is brought back to you through this that you call meditation! Everything you are, everything you have ever been, everything you wish to know is revealed here in. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find. It is not in your books or Bibles. Those may be guidelines, but your connection with your higher consciousness reveals your personal connection as no book can. Ask, in your meditations, if you have existed before, how to create a new reality of creations, guidance in your experiences, ask for enlightenment. It only open up for you when you ask! We Are Alexander

  • Empowered Manifestations

    What if we were to tell you there are other ways of communicating, other than with the spoken voice or vocal sounds? What we are proposing is that there is a “Spiritual Language” that all have access to and it is more efficient, more proficient, in getting a point across, in relating a better understanding of things. However it is much more than just communicating on a higher personal level, it is an integral part of your consciousness, your creativity, your imagination, your manifesting. It is a communication of pictures with feeling, emotions, and iconic presentations. You have this saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but no one carries enough pictures to describe what they wish to convey on a moment’s notice. Spiritual language might be thought of as the language of meditation or contemplation in that you are presented with images from within your consciousness. It is perhaps best presented to you with eyes closed and a questioning mind as you go within. While it may sound as if it requires a meditative state, it does not. It can be as active while you are fully conscious with eyes open and being active physically. The Aborigines of Australia call it dream time. An enlightened being might call it prayer time. But we prefer to relate to it as creation time!

    So what has it to do with manifestations? It is “Empowered Manifesting”! It is using an iconic image as representing the very highest and best of what ever you are trying to create in your life. For your instants, what is the most powerful image you can conceive as related to Healing? Might it be the one known as Jesus with arm outstretched and touching you with the most powerful healing energies? Allow yourself to feel the electric vibrations of the healing energy as it courses through your body, healing, correcting, aligning. Now compared this to how you usually attempt to create healing. Perhaps you pray to God, “God help me, I’m sick”. Which do you think is the most powerful, the most persuasive? Notice which one creates the most positive emotional energy, thus the most healing. But it also changes how you think, how you create. It helps eliminate negative thoughts, doubts, uncertainty. You have the power within you!

    Another example, what is your highest idea, your icon, for Abundance and or completion? How about Gold? What could better represent gold than bright, sparkling gold coins? What are you trying to accomplish or have? Why not stand it in a shower of gold coins, falling in great abundance all around it and you? Feel it as having all the abundance now, immediately, all efforts accomplished, completed. If it is a personal desire for abundance then feel the shower of gold coin falling around you as you raise your hand up and allow them to fall freely through your hands. Connect with the feeling of abundance from a prior feeling of lack! Without the iconic images, how would you connect with abundance? If you feel lack how do you change it? This is Spiritual language for abundance! This is empowered creating! How do you roll?

    Relationships? What is your highest image, your most potent icon? No! It isn’t the one you want a relationship with! It is you! See you as filled with love for self, love for and enjoying life, being complete in this. This is your power symbol, your empowered base. Loving relationships are created from here. You loose the want, the need, the desire, the need for control, and all is love. It is not about wanting love in return. It is about giving love out, being love! Feel the strong emotional energy and the love state you are in and you have changed your idea and demands of relationships. Now what of the desired relationship with a certain one? If it were meant for you, for your highest and best it will occur. If not, let it go. It will be better in the longer run!

    We wish you many empowered creations and new visions! We are Alexander


We Are: Alexander


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