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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 20 2014 06:06AM

We have repeatedly suggested that you are intimately connected to the creative energies of the universe. Your every thought produces a movement of this energy. You think therefore you create. But are your thoughts, your creation, filled with mixed signals? In other words are your thoughts focused or do you doubt your ability to create this or is it that you are unsure of what you want? By observing your world you will find that it is filled with not only material things, but attitudes and perspective that you have accepted as yours thereby creating mental energies that are the very foundation of your creations. However, what of the things you desire, but believe it is unlikely you will ever have or that it will be difficult to do? See you, the conflict, and the cancelation of that creative energy? You have to own it first before you can create it! This, dear one, is an empowering thought. That, moves the creative energy straight away. If you really believe that it is your, you will do every thing possible to achieve it and the universe will respond in kind to bring it to you. So it becomes of the greatest efficiency in creation. So how does one become proficiency in creating? Practice with awareness! For every time you perceive a new idea or think of a new creation with passion you grow thousands of new brain cells to aid in accomplishing the task. This practice is, as you would say, bringing them on line.

Now, so far we have talked of personal creations and energy connection, but that is not the only reason you are here in this time and space. There are other creative beings here also helping to create this collective reality, or world that surrounds you. And this is a good thing but be careful in your creations that you do nothing to harm others. For if you do, you do it to yourself also. Such thoughts create a sense of guilt and harm. It will then be within your own energies to expect and create harm to yourself. So you see it is much about creating a loving, kind, and compassionate Universe. This is what you are here to learn, to practice, to evolve into and with! It is your world and you help guide the things that happen and the occurrences as you would prefer them. So when there is a situation that is less then kind and loving you can send creative loving energies and see them as healed and made whole in line with God’s highest designs. Want to create a Utopia? Think it into reality with love and compassion for everyone and everything. Be love and you loose all critical judgment. Be compassionate and feel the oneness with and a purpose for all things. Be of Utopia and all thoughts are empowered thoughts of the highest energies!

You are the creative element! You are God’s right hand! You are this individualized creator of the overall Creator. You have access to all the creative energies that are happening. How you see the world around you is how you have created it! Now let the brain cells grow and you evolve!

We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Aug 3 2014 05:40AM

Reality? Really? Where? You can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch, the physical world around you. So you think you have a firm grip on the only reality and that it has to be the physical realm that your 5 senses validates to you as undeniably real, yes? So, do you let it go as such, or does your curiosity and inquisitiveness seek out alternatives, other possibilities. What do you say of the emotional world you create around you? We tell you, emotions are the driving force in everything you do, in everything you think, in everything you create or have created. Are not the 5 senses but tools you use to connect to and observe the physical realm? Are they not validations that you have created within and upon the material world? Have you noticed that passion, or lack there of, is in direct proportion to how efficiently you create? Is this then not a mental world, fueled by one’s imagination, dreams, fears, desires, doubts, and experiences? This world is neither solid nor permanent. It is in flux and changeable by one’s perspective, judgments, and even your changing states of mind.

Now, what of your dream world? Is it a fantasy or some ill presentations of unconscious memories trying to make sense of your unsatisfied present experiences? Or could it be the unconscious trying to communicate with your conscious mind while it is compromised by sleep? It exist in all humanity and perhaps it is part of your greater reality as a creative being.

But what if there was still more? What if indeed, you were part of a massive collective consciousness that was intimately connected to and shared with all other creators and creations and potential creations? Could it be that you are an individualized consciousness that has and is creating the experience of you in this time and space? What if the recognition and embracing of this concept could lead you to a closer connection to who and what you really are? If this be so, then you would have been this grand creator all along and the idea of evolving is more of a task of remembering yourself. Now, what if by remembering yourself, the unused and untapped portions of the physical brain are opened and receptive to activate your true potential of creativity. What then would be your reality if you knew you could instantly change your physical world by your thoughts and desires? What if the consciousness of you has created this physical life experience of you and it is but one of many you have had and will have on your journey of remembering and claiming your grandness?

May we suggest that you are a triad, a trio of Consciousness, Creator, and Experiencer. This is the reality you have created! It is your true beingness! We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jul 13 2014 05:38AM

Like no other time and place in all the history of the whole of the world has there been so many changes about to happen! These changes will alter how your world exist and operates. It is post 2012 and these changes are destined to happen. If you think nothing is happening, observe the following. Your energy systems are evolving to become more affordable and efficient. Tesla's ideas and experiences are the new waves of energies. Your audio and video are in for revolutions and changes. Your computers are entering size and design changes. New operation systems are already underway. Your TV will become more interactive, and will allow you to have more of a say in what you want to watch. Your movies and TV will have new technology that more closely resembles the actual unseen energies around all things. These have the ability to open that awareness to all who never experienced such wonder before! Your internet or web will become a major form of entertainment as individual visual experience shall compete with movies as the ease of technology and new abilities even the playing field. So not only are there changes in technology but you too are in for change and evolvement internally, spiritually, and emotionally. Internally you will evolve to a better realization of oneness with all things and as such there will be sharing of information from all forms instead of the isolation you now exist within. Spiritually you will step closer to the sacredness of all things in awareness of being part of a greater intelligence. Emotionally, oh yes your emotions. They are what rules your world, even the ones you do not want. They are your creative abilities without which nothing of purpose would get done. Yet your new awareness of this which you are, shall allow more compassionate emotions, more aligned with your true desires and wishes. Gone shall be your selfish creations and fears of lack. Change is afoot. Will you be one to embrace this new world? There is a belief that you are only here to learn from your negative experiences but we tell you, you are here to learn from the positive ones much more as you evolve! How will you be in this wind of change? We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jul 6 2014 06:33AM

Ever you look at how you perceive and have perceived, each experience you have in your physical life? Do you see the challenges you have given yourself each day of your existence? You see, it is no accident, as each perceived attitude is based upon the hope of overcoming each challenge and establishing within yourself a sense of being capable of creating life as you wish it. It is your wish, your desire, the your reason for being here! It is always past life related and it effects your present life and your future as well. It is about attitude, it is how you love, how compassionate you are! It is about your sense of balance in your life experiences. Indeed, do you feel capable of maintaining a spiritual outlook of fairness with an awareness of oneness with all beings and things? This dear one, is but philosophy, theory, but it has so much to do with your creativity.

From the time you entered here it has been challenges and each challenge has been uniquely yours. If nothing else, this makes you very special. When you were an infant the challenge was to connect with your parents. It could mean survival or not! Later it was to befriending other children without loosing sight of who you were. School was a challenge to grow educationally as well as socially. Did the teenage years bring you relationships with the opposite gender and did the challenges of your needing to be always in control rule your world or did you allow establishing who you are to be sufficient. Then the challenges of adulthood! College, job, marriage, perhaps children of your own, are some of the challenges. Each person will deal differently with the choices and the intensity they feel but it is how you feel about yourself that determine your growth, your evolvement. And that is the purpose and the reason why you are here! So, now you may look back at your many experiences and see the commonality of how you have felt about yourself. Are you content with who you were, who you are now? Are you happy? But more importantly, do you see yourself as fair minded, as compassionate to others? Did you know you can change who you are being just by changing your attitude? Have you tried treating other with love as you would wish to be treated?

Now if you are meta-physical you are probably thinking, Isn’t life more about inner peace, love, and tranquility, and has nothing to do with challenges? Yes? But do you not see even these are challenges, challenges to get there and stay within that awareness? We tell you Jesus, Buddha, and all others who have evolved came in with challenges perhaps bigger then you! So how are you managing your challenges?

We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jun 30 2014 03:15AM

So, you have heard that you are creator, creator of all things in your life by your thoughts. Yet you doubt!

We tell you, you are grand creators each, with the ability to create in an every changing world by your emotional thoughts and beliefs. And now you will try to think of something you have created by your thoughts and perhaps you will have difficult owning any of your creation, Yes? It is most strange that the creations you do most easily, you rarely acknowledge. Perhaps it is in doing your job well, feeling good about yourself, enjoying life, or loving someone. But what of the ones you struggle with? What of the new relationship you wish for, or the want of more abundance in your life? What of the new automobile, or the house you dream of owning? What of your health problems or those of your friends and family’s? Maybe it is conflicts with others or the ever increasing wrinkles that your mirrors reveals year after year? Do you see the connections, the relationship of your emotions and your thoughts? These things you struggle with become your own manifested creations and also can be your Achilles heel! And yet if you could put a positive attitude on them, an emotional loving acceptance that they would manifest with ease and certainty at the appropriate time and place, then they will assuredly manifest just as you have wished for.

Now here is the cincher, the blockbuster! Every thought is always creative. If you think, you create! But it is the emotion behind the thought that that makes it positive or negative for you, that makes it what you desire or it becomes what you do not want! If you doubt it or think it to be difficult or impossible, then this is your creation! So if your beliefs and your creation are one and the same, would it not be prudent to observe your thoughts and then take note of how you feel about them? Then how do you change them? Might we suggest that you see and feel each as a beautiful fulfilled creation? If indeed, they are your creations, your children by thought, why would you not own them? Why would you see them any way other than with love and acceptance. For we tell you this, it is your world and you are the one and only creator of it and everything within it. Are you happy with your world? If not, we invite you to observe your feelings of the things that are a disturbance to you. We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Apr 15 2014 05:41AM

Ever you wonder what “life” is like on the other side after you pass over? Indeed, if you believe that there is the possibility of the continuation of life after this that you call death, what is it like? Even those who profess to believe it is so, have conflicting ideas and views of what and how it is “over there”. While you are there, are you still connected in some way with the physical and those who remain here and is there the possibility of communication with the “living”? What remains of you when you have lost the body? Is it your true essence or do you become something completely different or simply cease to exist? Do your beliefs and creative thinking effect your “after life” or “between life” experiences? Are you a continual being, an eternal consciousness, that experiences life after life as days after days in the Soul’s existence? And why are you? Of what is your purpose for existence, for being? Questions to ponder without firm, provable answers, Yes? So is it faith, intuition, a knowingness, or some strange morbid curiousness, that leads you here?

We are Alexander, may we tell you we exist on this that is termed “the other side”. We have answers for you, not the only answers or all the answers, but answers from the collective consciousness of a brotherhood of like minded seekers who have had and are still having physical experiences and alternate spiritual journeys as are you. We come to you through the medium you refer to as channeling to one who is receptive to our energies. We do not ask that you believe without questions, these things we bring to you, but ask you to judge them on merits alone.

You are first and foremost a consciousness, a feeling, thinking, creative intelligence. You are part of, and intimately connected to, the whole of this Creative Universe. You are part and parcel of this original consciousness that has been called God among other things. So the term, sons and daughters of God, is most appropriate. You are cause! Nothing is created without cause. You each create your own world, your own reality, your own experiences, life after life in concert with other Souls . You are evolving, growing, and mastering beings, by the accepted effects of the experiences you have manifested in your lives. The senses you manifest in the physical are among those you also have in “Spirit”, but in spirit form there are extended abilities that most deny in the physical. Now, each new lifetime is created by these “templates of senses” you bring forth from prior lifetimes. So who you are, is this evolving template you are creating each lifetime. In your true “spirit form” you still have a body or rather the template of the body you are currently identifying with and being. However, in Spirit you are a “consciousness doer” as opposed to a “physical doer”, so the physical body template is rarely exhibited except mostly as your identity to other being. You experience most awareness as through a pair of eyes or being there as observing your creating thinking and spiritual experiences. Even these “spiritual senses” are what you choose to utilize or believe as possible. So even in Spirit, you are still the creator. What you think and believe, you get! How limiting shall you be? We are; Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Mar 30 2014 06:55AM

Are you, your life plan or is your life plan you?

Might we say a life plan is rather alike to a blueprint of who you will be, what you hope to accomplish, the things that are likely to happen in your life? So, do you consciously create a life plan or is your life plan an unconscious creation? What if, as if by some weird design, you are the creative energies that manifest everything in your life, in your world? Now, what if these happenings were generated by the very essence of you, by who you really are, even by all the unconscious beliefs that you have? What we are suggesting is that these collective beliefs are the magnetic attraction that draws all your ongoing experiences to you, not just occasionally, but always and continuously. However, they are changeable and they do change as you change! Change your mind, your beliefs, and you can change your experience in and of life. You can and do alter your “life plan”. Your happiness, or your sense of a lack of abundance, or your awareness of love experiencing, are only true because you believe them to be so. You create them by believing them to be true. We tell you, even your health challenges are alterable.

So, where do beliefs come from, what create them into experiences? They may be from your childhood experiences, your parents, your observations and judgments of life around you. But what of the ones that you see no reason for, no explanation as to why they happen to you? And these we suggest, are going to be in the majority! Dear one, what if you have lived before? What if you have had a different body, lived in another time and space, you had experiences that were dramatic enough to make you believe they must be part of your destiny, as they occur again and again in your thoughts and awareness. Fears are great creators, as is a sense of lack of self worth. Judgments about imperfections in one’s looks, things you believe you can not accomplish. These all result in those creations in your present life plan. These may be among the challenges you come in with. Notice they are for the most part, emotional beliefs you have formed about yourself and life. But occasionally one may bring in with them physical difficulties from past lives also.

Now, how do you heal, how do you change this that you are? Firstly, recognize that you are not your experiences, your judgments, not even your believes! You, dear one, are the creator of them! You learn most efficiently, most rapidly, by these that you term as negative experiences. But they must be experienced as positive, must be lived as acceptable, without self judgment, to change them. In a word, love the experience and the experience changes you. It changes from failure to accomplishment and overcoming. It is usually not a one time positive experiencing of the difficulty but requires diligence, persistent, repetition, determination, to make it a positive skill, an earned ability, in your enduring reality. We tell you, you are each Creators! This is why you are here, this is what you do, as you grow and evolve. This is your only true destiny!

We are; Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 28 2014 10:36PM

You live your lives in cycles. These cycles are cycles of and for your awareness, observation, and evolving in wisdom, peace, and love. You change as you age and experience life. These cycles are roughly 10 years in length. The first is the “Love Me” cycle. Your first 10 years are to be about family relationships, learning of parental love, sibling love, and advancing into friendship with others. Any and all difficulties you come in with regarding early relationship will be expressed in this cycle. The second is the “Independence Seeking” cycle. Now at 10 to 20 years of age, you are still very much involved with relationships, except now it is about friendships, beginning love interest with the opposite gender, distancing yourself from family ties and independence. These are based upon how well you have succeeded in the first cycle. There will be a change in your awareness, in your growth and perception, as you discover you are indeed in your second cycle. This is a very important time as it set you up for how you will experience the rest of your life. All your adult karma from past lives and what you are creating now shows itself. Your profession, your life partner, your education, the mask you show to the outer world, all are mostly set within this time period. It is not so much a time of observing as it is of exploring, taking chances, and deciding who you wish to be in this lifetime. Then upon decisions you have made the 3rd cycles, or “Creation Cycle” begins. You are now in the 20 to 30 age span. This is a time of observing, perhaps for the first time, all the decisions you have made and how they please or displease you. Again, this is influenced by prior choices you have made. Some will feel over powered and others will feel pleased with their choices. It is stepping fully into your adulthood. The 4th cycle, age 30 to 40, is the beginning “Age of Adjustments”. Some will abandon their path for something complete different. It is a time of many divorces and separations in close relationships. In is also a time for introspection, a time of coming to terms with your own morality. The 5th cycle, “Fruits Of Your Labor”, at 40 to 50, it is a time of completion of your efforts, the things you wanted to accomplish. It is a time for knowing who you are as a person and how well you have manifested your wishes and desires. The 6th cycle, 50 to 60, is “Life Assessment Time”. Have you found happiness, success, love, or is it all boring an unfulfilling? It is a time for seeking renewal and adding difference experiences. The 7th cycle, “The Philosopher Age”, is potentially the longest, from ages 60 to 80 or 90. It is a time of looking back and of observing. It is a time of leaving the cycles of doing and discovering being, existing. All of your accomplishments, your disasters, your could have dones, your should have done judgments, lay before you as unchangeable. You will ponder if different paths would have made you some how different. But eventually you’ll discover that you make the paths, the paths do not make you.

You will find, upon reflection, that these cycles are not 10 year spans but rather are event related, varying from as little as 3 or 4 years to perhaps 15 or longer. If you look back, you will discover at least some of the events that created the beginnings of new cycles. But more important, notice how each cycle gives you new perspective upon things, upon the soul’s purpose and intent that you came in with to experience and hopefully overcome in this lifetime. It is the “Philosopher Age” cycle that set you up for your next incarnation and all the challenges you give yourself. Now, if you are stuck within a cycle that belies your age, you might look into this and ask yourself why.

We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 9 2014 07:51AM

We tell you, you are psychic and it is only because if we tell you, you are "Spiritual" you do not comprehend this of which we speak. Yet "Spiritual" is a much more appropriate discription of your gifts. To be truely "Spiritual", is to recognize that indeed you are connected to the "other side" as you would understand it. It is a grand thing to accept this as it is accepting psychic abilities, mediumship awareness, creative abilities, influences of love, the bigger picture of humanity and evolvement, and many others of non-human awareness. It is an unlimited field of abilities as it is is limited only by your imaginations. You are first and foremost consciousness, thinkers, creators by your thoughts. You are each and every one, Gods in creation! You have taken on this human body to experience and evolve with those experiences. The difficulty is that most have lost themselves in the experiencing, believing things are happening to them and are independant of their own thoughts and believes. They think themselves to be most impotent creators, not seeing that their perceived negative experiences are their own grand creations of their doubts and worries of failure. It is not our intent to tell you how to create here. We wish rather to reconnect you with a greater awareness of your Infinite Spiritual Connection. So, you will look around your physical world and say there are limits to your abilities and those are the same for all other's abilities. We tell you, you are limiting the future by what you are observing now and remembrances from your past. Be unlimited. Believe not what your eyes tell you! They observe the past not the future. The future is only in the imaginations of creators, of the likes of you! Step back and observe your world. See your thoughts in action, your believes in motion, your desires in creation! Now your biggest challenge is to hold to postive thoughts and to know what you think with emotional desires is already in motion even before you have completed the thought. We wish to inform you, most thoughts are emotional in nature and only some have a physical manifestation. By observing you become thoughtful creators of what you put forth. We are Alexander

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Feb 4 2014 07:16AM

Colors are visual expressions of energies vibrating at given oscillations. Thoughts create “surrounding overlays of colors” around the thinker. You may think of these “surrounding overlay colors” as carrier waves that allow detailed design of that color. For example, pink may be the carrier wave for love and the details of how that love is being expressed will alter the shade and intensity of that pink. Red could be the carrier wave of creations and the shade and intensity will be the details of it is expressed and manifested. If the red is something you are happy with and it flows easily from you, it will likely be a bright transparent red. The alternative, if it is difficult and stressful it will be of a deeper red and more solid. So why do we share this with you? It is so you may see your world and the outer world around you with a greater understanding of how pre-creative thoughts become creative energy. But even more important, it is the key to setting your creative thoughts and desires into motion for manifesting upon your physical plane. Observe the world around you, look for the colors around a person. If you can see auras then it is not beyond your ability to see faint colorations of emotional thoughts emitting from a person. Another way of attuning to colors is to close your eyes and use your inner vision or as you may say, your third eye to observe the colors of creation. Chakra colors are indeed creative colors, but there are many more that are in the range of rainbow colors. So in your exploration of colors you will begin to discover the more complete meanings of the ones you observe and work with.

Now, all of this may be for not, if you do not meditate. Meditate and you will discover it is an ideal place to imagine, to firm up, and to project your creative thought into your future. While it may be true that your physical world confines your awareness to the present moment of time, your thoughts extend into the future. Memories are your past, experiencing is your present, but thoughts, thoughts are your very own created future! Thoughts are indeed your future, manifesting as you are capable of putting them forth by firm belief and a clear vision of your desires.

Ready to play? Relax into a gentle meditative state. Eyes closed, allow the mind to calm. If you wish to create into the physical plane, then picture a creative red screen of potential energy. Allow the thing or things you would wish, to show up on the screen for future creation. Give it a bright and transparent color of red. See it as easy, fun, and comfortable to accomplish. Know that it is in motion even as you think it. Now turn it lose to evolve and create. It requires nothing futher from you. As it manifest into your world then you alter and change it to your "then desire" as it is happening. So, we give you the tools that can change your future and you may find yourself changing also as you become more and more proficient with your own "carrier wave and colors". You, my dear ones, are destined to become masters of this plane and all the other deminsional planes within which your consciousness exist. It is as music is to learn. It requires- practice, practice, practice. We are Alexander

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