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Light brings colors to a world of otherwise darkness. Life is that light filled with the colors of emotional being. Your every thought, all of your true emotions, alight the world surrounding you. From a world of darkness, your thoughts, your sense of being, bring forth vibrations and these oscillations produce every color of the rainbow. Now what if you could “see” those colors around someone and understand what each color says about that one? What we have to tell you is that those colors are there for those who would see. Close your eyes and you may see the color of someone you have been observing. If this isn’t yet visible, feel what color you think is there. Use your own intuition and you will develop the ability to discern the colors with practice and a little patience. So what we propose is to give you some guidance as to these colors and what they may represent. However, the way they are shown may be different so in the end you will most likely have variations in your perception of colors and their meanings.

The color Red usually shows Passions, Desires, Creation & Creative Ideas, High Emotions.

Lighter Red suggests Excitement, Sharing Love, Being Open To others.

Darker Red could be Anger, Selfishness, Controlling, Secretiveness, & Being Dishonest.

Orange is associated with Creative Knowledge & Abilities, Contentment, Detail Oriented.

Lighter Orange might be of Kind hearted, Respected, Trusted, & of a Certainty.

Dark Orange goes to Boastfulness, Judgmental, Superiority Complex, Dark Thoughts.

The color Yellow is most often about Intelligence, Is Self-aware, The Observer, Is Understanding.

Lighter Yellows are Wise, Helpful, Evolved Beings, & Highly Spiritual.

Darker shades of Yellow are of to Self Importance, Self Destructive, & Critical of Others.

Green is the Healer, Concern About Health, Shows Growth, Abundance, & Openness.

Light Greens are Intelligent Healers, Helpful to Others, Feels Abundant, & See Opportunity.

Dark & Muddy Greens suggest Health Issues, Boastful & yet Doubtful of Healing Abilities,

Greed, Jealousies, Envy, & may be Secretive & Selfish.

Blue is Spiritual, Peaceful, Calmness, Contentment from Experiences.

Lighter Blues show Inner Happiness, Shares Personal Experiences, Has High Standards.

Darker Blues may be Judgmental, Feels Superior, Withdrawn, Discount Other’s Experiences.

Purple represents Wisdom, Insightfulness, Knowledge from Experiences, Visionary.

Light Purple & Violets can be Philosophers, Logical, At Peace with The World.

Dark Purple may be Reclusive, Expects The Worst, At Times Unstable.

White/Silver are Evolved Beings, Highly Spiritual, Pleasant To All.

Brighter Whites W/ Silver & Gold love to Connect With Others, Spreads Love & Understanding.

Whites Into Grays show Illusions, Hidden Agendas, & Uncertain Realities.

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