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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 8 2014 03:08PM

Human life is a step into excitement, enjoyment, passion, and yes, drama. It is the addiction that pulls you back here again and again! We do not say it is a bad thing. Indeed, it is here you will learn and grow by observing yourself and the seemingly chaotic world around you. It is here you learn love, independence, and self- awareness, from your experiences. So to you, we say, “Welcome back”.

We propose to take you upon a trip of remembrance, a trip back into the past of this lifetime. Life is rarely quiet, and without the dramas and passions of your emotions. This is especially so of the early years, years before you begin to discover who you are once again. See if you remember these. The first will be your birth, but this remembrance quickly vanishes as you struggle to deal with this new body and a strange new world. By observe others as they enter and you will find yourself being pulled emotionally and empathically back into your own birth experience. And yet, it is from the drama of the pain and this surrounding strange world you remember the feeling of being loved, touched, and admired by your new parents. Life becomes a drama of being feed, cared for, and loved, hopefully as your first experience. Later you will discover life is a competition filled with conflicts. From the time you enter school, through all your relationship, and your first love, dramas, conflicts, competition, and uncertainty, are your constant companions. And yet through all this you are to discover you have the ability to direct your world somewhat and to even enjoy life itself. High school completions leaves you with bigger decisions you must make and take responsibility for them. College, job, marriage, what you will do with the rest of your life, are all filled with the dramas of conflicts and competition that effect your decisions. By the time you have turned 20, some of you may have looked forward and decide that “life” is over for those who have reached the ripe old age of 30. What you see ahead are those who have locked themselves into commitments of raising a family with a mortgage on a house and other debts leaving precious little time for living the full “life”. And now as you approach 30, you will also look back in doubt, wondering if you have made the right decisions. The world will seem to be closing in as you realize you can’t go back and change your direction, your commitments. It now becomes a crisis as you have the drama of trying to discover who you want to be and to change where your life is heading. The following years are growth years, discovering years, empowerment times, while you discover you are the only director of your life and your world. At around the big 6 0, you will have another review of your past doings only to discover it is too late to initiate change. From this time on you will either accept who and what you have become and be more philosophical about life or you will be a bitter old person, believing you have been the victim of a misspent life of which you had little or no control. We are Alexander

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We Are:  Alexander


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