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By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Nov 19 2014 06:09AM

When we speak of spiritual colors most will assume that it is the chakra colors and everything else is based upon these. What we wish to tell you is that if it is not chakra energies and their colors that you are observing then there are other “color languages”, each with their own colors and meanings. For example, if you are observing or “reading” someone and there is a dominance of blue around them then consider the color may represent a person who is emotionally, a very spiritual person in all they think, say, and do. While the color blue of the chakras is associated with the throat chakra has more to do with conversation or communicating. Green is the color for the heart chakra having to do with love and caring while pink is the more likely color you will observe in “reading” a person. Green in the language of “readings” will more so represent growth and/or abundance in the form of monies.

The color language of “readings” is associated with auras also. And if you notice background colors or “wallpapers” behind a person, it is the same language of colors. A ”wallpaper” with bright red as a dominant color with perhaps the sun shining and a white lining on the outer edges might be interrupted as a person who is manifesting well (red), enjoying his/herself (sun shining), and has a high awareness of their abilities (white). A halo or a surrounding of bright and light colors of white, silver, or gold may show a highly evolving person, a religious person, or an intelligent spiritual being. Light and dark variations usually are showing positive and negative aspects of the colors surrounding a person or situation.

The color language of healing or scanning the body for illness is quiet different again. Red or red dots may show areas of inflammation while green auras could show healing. Dark reds auras may be a sign of wide spread inflammation or how badly the person feels. A swirl of colors may denote dizziness. While an emerald green may be the energy a healer sends out to heal. Often the stressful energies that made a person ill may be seen as dark variations of reds or oranges. If you are observing a healer hands you may be witness to tiny blue lighting bolts leaving their palms and fingertips or perhaps it may be seen as a very light green “rain” upon the ill person’s body.

Realize however not everyone perceives colors the same so it is necessary that you play with what is shown to you and make your own color chart. If you do not as yet see colors through 3rd eye vision, then try to perceive how they “feel”. And yes, you can “feel colors” as well as “see colors”. As an experience. select a person and see or feel what color is associated with them. Do this with intent and belief and you will amaze yourself! We are Alexander

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